A Groom’s Guide – The Big Day and Preparations

Today its my pleasure to share this Groom’s Guide with some  tips and tricks to help you manage your marriage preparations whilst dealing with stressful situations.




So you’ve popped the question and she’s said yes – excellent; but your role in the wedding does not end here.

You are as much a part of this wedding as your fiancée, due to this you should act the part!

Your duties include choosing your outfit, an usher and a best man, organising the honeymoon, planning a speech and much, much more.


Appropriate Attire

Selecting the right suit is an essential aspect of being a groom, the style of the outfit that you have chosen must also be appropriate for any other men that are playing a large part within the wedding.

There are methods of matching these outfits, for instance even if the majority of your wedding suit is different to that of your best man or usher, the cravat, cufflinks and waistcoat could match or  alternatively have similar suits with different accessories.

However, a more pressing concern is the colour scheme that you have chosen – this is something that you must discuss with your future spouse as no-one wants any surprises on the day.


Best Man or Men?

Selecting your best man and determining who will fill the other important male roles at your wedding is not an easy decision; especially if you have a number of siblings or more than one close friend.

Your best man must be reliable, there’s no negotiation on this one.

The best man will share some of the responsibilities and work so that the groom does not become stressed.

Its a huge bonus if your best man is great at organising events as he is in charge of your stag do and budget control for this.

He also has the responsibility of his speech and looking after the rings.

When choosing you just have to go with your heart.

If  choice is too difficult worst case scenario is it’s not uncommon for there to be more than one best man present at the Wedding.




Making a Speech

It’s to be expected that whilst making the speech you are going to feel a little nervous; but  try not to consume too much alcohol to settle your nerves as this can only make matters worse!

One of the best things that you can do is to plan your speech thoroughly beforehand and have your father, brother or best man listen to it and review it.

Remind them that you need their honest opinion as you will be reading this speech in front of an audience.

Even if your speech isn’t the wittiest or most passionate of pieces, it should still contain the following: a thank you to the bride, to the parents of the bride and your own parents, to the best man, bridesmaids, usher, any other people that held important roles throughout the wedding ceremony and lastly the venue and the guests should be thanked.

Read through your speech several times to determine whether or not you have missed any crucial names from the list of people that you would like to thank – on the other hand you could end by thanking yourself for such an awesome speech!

Once you have thanked each of these people it is traditional for you to give a little gift to each of the important men, and the bride gives a gift to each of the important women.

Remember that whilst you may have a number of duties and responsibilities as the groom, there is nothing wrong with you sharing these responsibilities with your family, friends or more importantly; your fiancée.






This Groom’s Guide was written by Vee Mercer currently works alongside Esta Romi and spends a lot of her time researching gift ideas for special events and occasions.

When Vee isn’t producing present ideas she spends a lot of her time planning events and exercises her creativity in other ways.


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