A Guide to the best Wedding Entertainment for you – Timings and choice

Today I welcome Looch Mind Reader who brings  his experience on finding the best wedding entertainment.

He shares some awesome advice on achieving the perfect entertainment to suit you as a couple for your Big Day with key points on the right times for your entertainers to perform.

Looch’s own unique and interactive act brings together demonstrations of Telepathy, Influence, Mind Reading and Predictions.

Having performed for Celebrity’s, Sports Stars and Politicians, Looch and his award winning show have recently been endorsed by former Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis.


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I hand over to Loooch to share his wealth of experience….


One of the key ingredients to get right when planning your big day is ensuring you hire good quality wedding entertainment for you & your guests.

Many couples don’t appropriately budget for professional entertainment, which can often leave them scrambling around for someone last minute or even worse, not hiring anyone at all.

Entertainment, if done correctly can really help with the transitions and flow of the day.


There are so many truly unique options out there at present that you really do have a fantastic range of acts to choose from.

I perform exclusively as a ‘Mind Reader’ at weddings and its becoming a popular choice amongst couples who are wanting something different that will really get their guests talking, but have had the pleasure of working with a range of weird and wonderful entertainers who really have added to the big day.

I would recommend that you search for a range of different types of entertainers and make a shortlist of the ones you are interested in, and who suit you as a couple.


Whoever you decide to entertain your guests, go for a professional who comes highly recommended.

Take a look at their testimonials to get a sense of how these acts are being perceived by clients.

Look for independent reviews maybe on local sites and see what people are saying about them.

Go onto social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to see what peoples opinions are, people rarely go online to speak positive about something, but if they feel negative you can be sure to find something.

Take a look at videos, show reels or online examples of their work, this can give you a real sense of what you can expect at your wedding, if you were to book a particular act


Sometimes its even possible to factor in a face to face meeting to speak to the act and get a sense of whether you feel they are right for you and your big day.

Sometimes meeting someone in person will really give you a definite idea of whether you want them to perform at your wedding or not.

Please be aware though that some professional acts are genuinely very busy and might not always be able to meet your schedule.


Once you have hired your entertainment of choice you will need to give careful consideration to ‘when’ your act performs.

This is where their experience should come to fruition ask them their advice!

They will have performed at hundreds of weddings and will know what works and what doesn’t.

I am asked on a regular basis when I feel the best times to perform at weddings are, below I will outline my thoughts.


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Post Ceremony

Nearly all of the weddings I have been hired to perform at, guests have experienced a lull immediately following the ceremony.

The formality of the ceremony has occurred and guests will want to begin to relax with a drink and soak up the atmosphere of the day.

This is an ideal time to bring in your entertainment to help with the transition and getting your guests to feel comfortable.

Usually post ceremony is a drinks reception, which can quite often become merged with having the photographs taken.

There are usually members of family from different sides who will have never met before and having your entertainment mingle with your guests can really help break the ice.


Post Meal

One of the times to avoid entertainment is during the meal when people are eating.

Your guests should be able to enjoy the food without being interrupted by someone requesting to draw their caricature or to pick a card!

If you want to bring in entertainment during the meal, perhaps an unobtrusive musician, such as a harpist or pianist might create a pleasant atmosphere? I would leave the rock band till later though!

Post meal however, when the coffees are being served is an ideal time to bring a mingling act in entertain your guests.

Your guests will be instantly more receptive as subsequently responsive to the act. Remember ‘watered & fed’ guests are happy guests, so the icing on the cake at this point would be some fantastic entertainment.


Evening Reception

As the evening guests are arriving the day is moving into its last transition, the evening reception.

A well-chosen experienced act here can be fantastic, it will often act as a catalyst to help bring the newcomers (evening guests) into the flow and atmosphere of the wedding, and give a boost to those guests who have been soaking up the atmosphere from the start.

Magicians, Caricaturists, Stilt Walkers and Variety Acts are often in their element here.


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Thank so much to Looch for sharing this invaluable advice.

Choosing Wedding entertainment can be such a conundrum, but with these top tips finding the right act can be a less difficult path.


If you would like any more information on choosing the right performer or times for your upcoming wedding, Looch would be more than happy to help.

He has years of experience performing at every type of wedding imaginable, so he invites you to get in touch…


To Contact Looch Mind Reader

Website: http://www.looch.co.uk/

Email: looch@looch.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loochmindreader

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Loochmindreader


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