A Wedding Fayre Survival Guide

Its that time of the year again, “Wedding Fayre Season”

This phrase normally provokes complete giddy excitement, or extreme fear, and the thought of these events can be completely overwhelming.


You may have made the decision, you may have bought the ring, but a Wedding Fayre can bring to the fore just how much actually goes into the Wedding Planning Process.

So I have brought together this wee guide of my tips to survive these events which are:

First and foremeost, it is imperative that you wear comfy shoes. You can spend a good couple of hours walking and usually get weighed down with heavy bags of flyers/samples.  Those skyscraper heels may look gorgeous but your blisters will tell a different story.

Go with an open mind… something that you thought might not be your thing, may be just the thing you need.

Always be prepared to at least try something, even just to discount it and clarify what you originally thought.

Take those with you that you trust to help and support you.
It is great to get different opinions but at the end of the day remember that everything is your decision.

Ask friends and family for recommendations about which suppliers they have used for their Event.
It has to be remembered that whats right for them may not be right for you, but if its someone they have used and built trust with, then its worth checking out.

In the Wedding Fayre setting you can then go and visit these suppliers making it a more informal than a proper meeting, but you can get a feel for their service, and follow up should you wish.

A Wedding Fayre can bring you a wide range of differents suppliers within the same speciality, this gives you lots of choice.
Get quotes from a few different companies that specialise in what you require.

Have a plan of attack.
If you know who is going to be at Fayre that you want to see, plan a route of those you definetely want to interact with and then  anyone else that you see will be a bonus within the experience.

The groom often gets left out at these events & we try to tell ourselves that they are not really interested, but apparently the”Post Beckham” man is all about the involvement.
At my Wedding Fayres I always carry Flyers for  I am Staggered, its a great site that is brilliant for the guys, and focuses on their involvement in the Wedding Process.

He actually wrote a great article on how Wedding Fayres can be very unfun for the boys, and can actually be a bit offensive. So make sure you involve your man.

This is a partnership. The decision to get married was taken together, and hopefully you will be sharing plans for the next 50 years so the initial stage is all about doing it together.

Be aware that there will be lots to look at, so make sure you give yourself adequate time to see all that you want to.

Many suppliers will have Show specials, and discounts on their services if you book on day or in few weeks after, so you should be able to make cost savings on one or a few areas.

I hope these simple tips will  help you and make the Wedding Show experience enjoyable.

Also if you need assistance with any element of your planning process from initial Supplier Sourcing to On the day co-ordination, I would be delighted to work with you to create the day you want.

Email: atinlin@outlook.com


Photo Credit: Courtesy Glasgow Girls Wedding Guide 

Image Credit: Lisa Devine Photography


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