The best Winter Wedding Honeymoon locations

Today I am thrilled to share some advice on the best winter wedding honeymoon locations.

Christmas is a magical time of year, full of cheer, spellbinding weather (sometimes at least) and of course the oh-so enjoyable festivities.

It is no wonder then that quite a few couples like combining the wonder of winter with the enchantment of a wedding.

When it comes to winter weddings themselves there is a lot to get excited about and even more to plan too so I welcome who give some advice on where’s great for your Winter Honeymoon.


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The combination of winter and a wedding allows for some beautiful wedding themes including elegant snowflake styled dresses as well as a truly magical backdrop.

But after the ceremony is all finished and all of the guests have gone home, will you decide on a winter themed honeymoon, similar to the wedding?

Or decide to swap snow for sand and travel to a summer location to celebrate the start of a whole new chapter?


Here is some great suggestions for honeymoon locations…



Home to all year-round warm weather, beautiful white sand (not snow) beaches and romantic sunsets, Hawaii is the perfect location if you’re after hot weather and refreshing cocktails.

During a honeymoon in Hawaii, you will experience incredible marine life, breath-taking volcanoes and a truly relaxing way of life.

The island is also home to a wide range of activities to spice up your stay.

Experience what it’s like to swim with dolphins and look out for sea turtles in their natural habitat, explore Haleakala, the world’s largest dormant volcano and unwind at a wide range of superb golf and spa hotels.

If dolphins and hot weather are for you then say aloha to Hawaii!


hawaii, winter honeymoon location


Florida Keys

This collection of islands is another great choice if you want to trade in those thick jumpers and fluffy gloves for flip flops and sunglasses, providing you with all of the majesty of Florida and more.

To truly enjoy the Keys you should drive along the coastal roads from Miami to take in the jaw-dropping scenery and the beauty of this stretch of Florida.

Palm trees and golden beaches come as a standard and in excess so be sure to take regular stops whilst driving to soak in the laidback vibes and gorgeous sunshine.

For the romantics, you can take moonlit walks along the beach and experience stunning sunsets night after night.


florida-key-tortugas, winter honeymoon location


Lapland, Finland

For those couples who have been dreaming of a white wedding ever since they got engaged, choosing a honeymoon location that is suitably covered in snow will add to magic of the wedding and ceremony.

Lapland is famously tied to Christmas, being the home of Santa Claus and all, and is the perfect backdrop for a winter wedding honeymoon where you are guaranteed the white stuff.

You can spend your nights cuddling up warm in a real igloo and the days traveling through the snow-covered forest on a sled pulled by reindeer.

If you are a fan of Frozen (like many of us are) and the festive season in general, this is definitely the place for you!


Finland, winter honeymoon locations



Another option if you lust for a honeymoon location to match your winter wedding is the Hotel de Glace in Quebec.

The Hotel de Glace is made entirely of ice and snow and has to be rebuilt annually, making your honeymoon even more special; a once in a lifetime experience.

The hotel even features an ice chapel so you can choose to get married in this magical location if you so desire.

If you want to have your honeymoon in a truly magical place, and aren’t afraid of the cold then the Hotel de Glace is the ideal choice.


hotel de glace , quebec, winter honeymoon location



What sets Vermont apart from all the other winter honeymoon locations covered in snow is the charming lodges and tranquillity that can be expected when visiting this part of New England.

If you would prefer to spend your honeymoon simply in each other’s company, away from the rest of the world than look no further.

You can stay in a charming, cosy lodge, cuddled up next to a roaring fire in the evening and explore the beautiful snowscape during the day.

Fancy being a bit more active? Vermont is famous for its fantastic slopes so whether you’re a keen skier or hiker, or if you want just want some alone time with new husband/wife Vermont is the perfect honeymoon destination for you.


Trapp-Family-Lodge-Vermont, winter honeymoon location


Whatever your honeymoon location choice… snow or sun, what matters is that you are together and about to start a beautiful journey.


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Image Credits: Hawaii/Florida Keys/Lapland(Finland)/QuebecVermont


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