Bridal Dilemmas – Am I a Control Freak or Bridezilla?

Today I am delighted to welcome Jess aka the Flushing Bride to give a personal perspective on avoiding being  a Bridezilla…that person we would rather not be during the wedding planning process..

Wedding planning can be a fraught and stressful sometimes, and we generally all have our moments but here is some advice about not taking this to extreme and alienating those around us.


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I hand over to Jess…


“Since getting engaged back in September 2014 I have thrown myself into the wonderful world of wedding planning.”

“It seems to have somewhat taken over my life! But that’s normal, right?”

“Having always loved weddings, this seemed inevitable.”


“However, I was determined never to succumb to the stress and craziness that comes with planning a wedding. I’m a control freak at heart so I thought this would stand me in good stead.”

“Despite some pretty negative connotations with this term there are definitely some perks of this trait when it comes to planning a wedding; organisation, the ability to take responsibility for all the planning – to name a few.”

“With this in mind, I was convinced I would never be a ‘bridezilla’. The word makes me shudder. No one wants to have that label!”

“Especially in what should be one of the most special times of your life.”

“And with everything under control, I had nothing to worry about. Or so I thought…”


“So what is a ‘bridezilla’?”

“I looked up the term just to see what it really meant (or is thought to mean) and this is what I found courtesy of Oxford Dictionaries.”

“A bridezilla is “someone whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding”.

“Intolerably demanding I am not (or at least I hope I am not!) but obsessive about the detail of my wedding I certainly am. Oh no! I AM a bridezilla after all! That didn’t exactly go to plan!”


“And what’s more, my inner control freak meant that I haven’t included my family as much as they would like.”

“I thought I was doing them a favour by not being a demanding ‘bridezilla’ (which we’ve discovered I actually am!) when in fact they actually wanted some jobs!”

“They wanted to feel included. Something I had totally overlooked.”

“Back to the drawing board I go so I can re-allocate owners to all tasks. In my spreadsheet of course!”


“So my advice to other brides and grooms to be is to find a healthy balance between taking full control and responsibility for your wedding, and doing nothing yourself!”

“In my experience, it works best if you sit somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.”


Follow these tips and you should be on your way to a happy wedding planning journey!


* Listen to your friends and family

*Don’t just assume they don’t want to be involved

* Talk to your friends and family

*Understand what they would like to be involved with, if anything!

* Don’t try to take on the world

*Delegate tasks and share the burden

* Don’t delegate everything. You shouldn’t rely on others to organise your entire wedding.

*But most importantly, enjoy the experience with your friends and family.


There are so many fun things you can do; trips to wedding fairs, wedding décor DIY, wedding dress shopping!

And these are best enjoyed with your loved ones!


Bio: Jess is a cynic turned romantic wedding obsessed bride to be, blogging as the Flushing Bride about her journey from engagement to the aisle at


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