Bridal Lingerie ~ The foundation of your Wedding Day look

Bridal Lingerie is the foundation of your Wedding Day look but finding the correct bridal lingerie for you on your wedding day is not as simple as it may first appear.

Your wedding dress is not your normal everyday dress, sure it’s special, and it’s the one; but can look very different depending on what you wear beneath.

Like any other magnificent piece of architecture, you need sound foundations on which to start, and this is where having the correct style and size of wedding lingerie is crucial.

Your bridal underwear needs to work in complete harmony with both your figure and your wedding gown, and all three should accentuate each other.

If your dress already has boning in the bodice then perhaps avoid a heavily boned corset and steer toward some shape wear to add some tone and continuity to your outline.

For brides who are bigger up top and need support, then a well structured bra or bustier might be more suited.

Open neck and off the shoulder wedding dress styles demand a strapless lingerie option and open back styled gowns which are very popular send you toward low back wedding underwear solutions.

Closer fitting dress styles or more lighter materials allow lingerie lines to show through and your wedding day underwear should be the unsung hero of your day and be kept well out of sight of guests and photographers!

If you can, and time permits, then trying your dress on with your choice of bridal lingerie will serve you well when it comes to deciding on what you wear beneath your wedding dress.

It’s definitely a good idea to get yourself fitted before your wedding day, especially if you’ve been on a health regime to shed a few pounds or tone up for the big day, and make sure what you choose fits correctly.

Don’t be drawn in by all the lovely lace and frills, if it doesn’t fit or suit your figure, then don’t get it.

The last thing you want to remember on your wedding day is to have been constantly adjusting underwires, knicker lines or stocking tops!

Comfort is king!


Shoot Acknowledgements

Photographer: Viktoria Kuti

Lingerie: Moonrise Lingerie

Models: Afton Stinnie & Livvie May

Venue: Berwick Lodge

Flowers: Bramblewood Flowers

Jewellery: Jacq Brill at Beloved Vintage Bridal 

Make-Up: Shari Knowles

Hair: Nicola Clancy at GoGorgeous


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