Bridal Make Up – The Do’s and Don’ts you NEED to pay attention to

Today I am thrilled to welcome Clare Ardern, a professional make up artist to give some sage advice on Bridal Make Up and the do’s and don’ts you NEED to pay special pay attention to to ensure you are bridal beautiful.


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I hand you over to Clare to share her knowledge…


“There are tonnes and tonnes of makeup tips and tricks all over the internet these days.”

“As a makeup artist out working on photoshoots, music videos and weddings I have some stories to tell!”

“I meet lots of Brides each with their own story and own set of panic stations…”


“So based on these – here are my top bridal make up tips.”


DO relax; This is your day. Be who you want to be for you – if you want to wear red lipstick because its you then wear it! You have to feel comfortable when you make a beeline for your own private catwalk.

DON’T sit in silence: You’ve had your trial and you don’t like something… Then tell your artist. A good one wont be offended and they will be ready to make any tweaks to get that look perfect.

DO have inspiration pictures; Its so important to bring something to the table. There are so many variations and styles today, so get a few screen shots or join Pintrest and start a folder of all the things you love. Too much inspiration is better than non.

DON’T get a panic pamper session two weeks before your wedding; diving to your favourite beautician for facials and drinking gallons of water.

Your face will erupt right in time for your big day.

DO be careful letting friends do you hair or makeup; You won’t mind telling a professional you don’t like something and you wont offend her.

I’ve seen this on many occasion, its so difficult to tell a friend you hate something and a professional will know what products last and work in front of the camera. So do speak your mind!

DON’T go overboard with highlighter. Light reflecting products do exactly that – so it’s a huge no NO when you are having your professional photographs taken.

If you want a youthful and luminous look that last book a professional or have a makeup lesson to pick up some top tips and product advice.


Clare of is a leading hair and makeup artist in the North West with over 10 years experience, as a specialist in wedding hair and makeup,

Clare prides herself on her diverse skill and portfolio to suit every style.


Image Credit –  Shaun Meredith Photography


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