The Call of the Sea – Styling and Ideas for a Childs Ocean themed Party

Today I would love to share some Styling and Ideas for a Childs Ocean themed Party.

There are not many people that don’t love the tranquility of watching the Ocean.

Its beautiful blues and greens have such a great calming influence.

When you pair with that the miracle of nature, and all the wildlife under the soft billowing waves, its a wonderful theme to base a celebration on.


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As a prelude to an Ocean themed event, there are a few things that can be done to give your guests a little insight into the event, and this is a great opportunity to get your craft on.

Strong card could be used to make fish or sea creature shaped invitations, and invitations can be even more unique as children or yourself can decorate.

Or for a really exciting invite, consider this idea…. Collect old 500ml juice bottles. Place a little sand inside [available from either the beach or the toy store].

Write details of your event on a piece of paper, roll up and place inside, and if you can find some shells then this all adds to the illusion of a message in a bottle.

This option is better if  the invitation is hand deliverable.

Or you can opt for professional design and printing.

For styling your childs event, consider the use of long strands of blue and green fabric, or crepe/tissue paper to symbolise the ocean and seaweed.

Place these strategically around the room to give the effect of being under the sea.

Float lots of white balloons around the room to give the effect of froth and foam or white, green or blue paper lanterns with ribbons billowing can give the effect of the jellyfish.

You can also use a bubble machine to have lots of bubbles floating about.
Kids absoloutely love this, and it gives an impression of the bubbles blown by the fishes.

Ask your little helpers to make fish and sea creatures out of card to accentuate your streamer/crepe seaweed… this will give great visual effect as well as getting the kids more involved in their event.

Stuffed cuddly sea animals could also be used for setting the scene.

For table centrepieces, you could use a goldfish bowl, fill the bottom with sand and then have a plastic or real fish.

Another idea is to have blue, green and white balloon clusters placed in the middle of each guest table.

To theme your buffet further, use sand buckets or goldfish bowls to store or display snacks.

You could freeze gummy fish in ice cubes, and then pleace them in jugs of juice which can be coloured in blue or green.

Cupcakes with delicious and visually appealing blue frosting , with little seaside adornments such as a chocolate fish or seashells on the top would look amazing as would a cake with that aquatic feel.

A fish shaped cookie cutter could be used either to fashion themed cookies or cut little sandwiches to shape, and for a warming treat, fish sticks or fish in a fish shape is welcome finger food.

Blue or green cutlery, and tableware will also give the ocean feel.

Tie blue napkins with twine symbolising fishermans rope

If you really want to get on theme and ramp up the play aspect, an old refrigerator box could be used to make a boat or a submarine to play in.

To tie  up the day a  cardboard box could be painted to fashion a treasure chest which could be filled with goody bags for the hosts little friends to take home.


I have had a wee look around the world wide web and have found a few products that I think would really set the tone…


Editors Picks for an Ocean Themed Celebration


 Ocean Themed Invites – Little Bulldog Design




Seaside Inspired sign – Giddy Kipper




Streamer Backdrop – Charmois Craft Party





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