Caring for your Bridal Outfit, before, during and after the Wedding

Today I am excited to share this brilliant Guest post packed full of advice on caring for your Bridal Outfit, before, during and after the Wedding.

You spend a lot of money on your bridal outfit; on your dress, on your jewellery, on your headpiece and your shoes, so if you are not planning on selling everything after the big day, you need to know some care tips.

Firstly, you want to be able to transport your outfit from the shops to your wedding venue, secondly, you’ll want to avoid creating stains or damaging your dress whilst you’re wearing it, and thirdly, you’ll want to wrap it up safely after your wedding, so it’s safe from moths, dust, and damp.


We’ve put together this guide so you will never have to worry again!


Before the Wedding




Once you’ve purchased your dress and you’ve had your final fitting, the dress shop will give you two options; you can either take the dress home, or leave it at the shop and have someone pick it up before the wedding day.

It’s recommended that you do this if someone is available from your wedding party to pick it up; the dress shop has considerable experience of looking after dresses!

When the time comes for someone to pick the dress up, ensure the dress is crease free before you leave the shop, as if you spot a crease a shop attendant will be able to steam it out.

Have your dress wrapped up in a garment bag and hung on a hanger, but make sure you pay attention to how the train is folded up into the bag – if it is done incorrectly you will end up with creases.

In the car, hang the dress on the coat hook in the back of your car, and carefully lay the dress’ skirt across the seats, if this is not possible, we recommend putting down the back seats and lying the dress down as flat as possible.

Store tiaras, veils, unique vintage style wedding shoes  and jewellery in separate boxes wrapped in tissue paper – avoid anything dyed as the colour might run if anything gets wet.

Be extra careful and ensure everything is padded so it will not be thrown about on the journey.

Finally, when the bride is getting ready, hang the dress up where it will not touch the floor, and where it is far away from all the make-up and hair styling equipment – even hairspray can ruin a dress, so be extra careful!


During the Wedding




Once you’ve gotten through the ceremony, and your dress and accessories are still in perfect condition, you have to face the risk of stains, and potential damage.

Your first challenge will be the wedding photos – these usually take place immediately after the ceremony, and they will more than likely be outside.

Firstly you will need to protect the seam and train of your dress from getting grass stained, muddy, or dirty – this is what bridesmaids are for.  Hold up the front of your dress and have your bridesmaids hold up your train.

When you reach the spot for your photos, thoroughly check for muddy patches, puddles and anything that could catch your dress (twigs and thorns can cause rips!).

You will also need to protect your wedding shoes on grass if you are wearing thin heels, as they will likely sink into the grass, and mud is extremely difficult to get out of satin wedding shoes.

Try investing in some heel stoppers, these slip on to your heel and increase its surface area so that you won’t sink into soft ground.

The other enemy of your wedding dress is the dreaded stain. As soon as you start drinking and sit down to enjoy your meal, stains become a major risk.

Ensure that you take advantage of napkins and wrap up both your bodice and lap; you might look a bit silly, but you’ll feel even sillier if you end up with your dinner down the front of your dress.

With drinks later in the night it will help if you opt for a straw, as you’re less likely to create a spillage then!

Keep an eye out for party guests who are a bit wobbly, or drinking red wine too, and keep a polite distance, they will understand.


After the Wedding



If you did end up with a stain don’t worry. thats what Professional Cleaning is for!

Finally if you want to store your dress, wrap it up in some colourless PH neutral tissue paper, and place it carefully inside a sturdy box.

Your box should ideally be of a breathable material, not plastic, be PH neutral and made of heavy boards – this will ensure no insects or damp can penetrate it.

Store the boxed dress in a room that has never been damp or had an insect problem; ideally in a warm bedroom, not the attic!

Avoid letting your dress anywhere near long-term daylight exposure, as this will ruin the colour, this is why plastic storage is a bad idea; not only that, but it can allow for condensation and subsequently, mould.

Make sure you check up on your stored wedding outfit every so often to ensure it is still in perfect condition!

In conclusion, we hope all these tips will keep your dress in a condition where it can one day become and heirloom in the family, and maybe even be worn by your daughter or granddaughter!


With all the fun and frivolity of the day its inevitable that there will be some staining and of course its not the end of the world if there is, but we can take the best care possible.

Thanks so much to Kirstie for sharing some marvellous advice to keep your Bridal outfit and Accessories in tip top condition before the Big Day and on for many years to come.


Guest Author Credit:   Kirstie – Ann Pimbblet, a blogger  for Elegant Steps, sellers of bridal and evening shoes.

Image Credits: 1. Dress  2. Bride with Beverage 3. Gift Box


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