How to choose your perfect wedding party

Your wedding party can make or break the atmosphere in a wedding.

That might sound extreme but think back to the weddings you’ve attended in the past, did any have a surly bridesmaid, a best man who thought he was hilarious but his jokes were actually in really poor taste and a flower girl who threw a tantrum in the middle of the aisle?

These might be the extremes, but if you know someone is going to cause a fuss on your big day perhaps they shouldn’t be an integral member of your wedding party –  aka the people who are supposed to support you and keep your guests updated throughout the day.


If you’re struggling to put together your wedding party, then here’s who you need:

The Fun Bridesmaid

From planning your hen party to getting everyone on the dance floor, you need one fun bridesmaid in your group who is there to get the party started.

She’ll charm your Grandad, make your Mum laugh after she’s had a cry over something small going wrong on the morning of the wedding and ensure you’re smiling and your nerves are calm before you walk down the aisle.

The Caring Bridesmaid 

She will go to every wedding event with you, spend hours helping you choose those beautiful diamond wedding accessories from somewhere such as 77 Diamonds when she should be doing something important and is happy to style her beauty look to fit your Bridezilla needs.

This is also the bridesmaid who has a purse not only for herself but another just for you filled with painkillers, tissues and spare eyelashes for those just in case moments.

She’s also the one you can rely on to help you go to the toilet in the evening and will probably cry all day from the moment she sees you in your dress to when you have a dance with your Dad.

The Funny Best Man 

The best man needs to be charming, fun and ready with plenty of hilarious stories that aren’t too embarrassing, unsuitable for a family audience, or could land the groom in trouble with the local law enforcement.

He should be ready to help the groom at all times and be on hand to crack jokes with the grandparents and direct people to the next part of the day.

The Cute Flower Girl 

The flower girl needs to be young enough that everyone says ‘aww’ when she walks down the aisle but not so young that she’s going to wander off when she spots her Mum or throw down her basket mid walk and begin bawling.

Kids can be unpredictable but the age of five or six is a good age, they’re still adorable but kind of know what they’re doing, and can look it as a fun day.

Follow these rules to be the epitomy of the calm Bride.

Carefully curating your wedding party will help to ensure everything goes smoothly and avoids all the drama!


*Thanks to Chloe Marchbank for helping to bring you this post*


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