Choosing a Kilt Outfit – Advice and Top Tips

Today I am thrilled to welcome Buy A Kilt to the Blog to give some great advice on choosing a Kilt Outfit for your Wedding.




For a traditional Scottish wedding, the kilt is an obvious and classic outfit choice for the groom.

By wearing a clan tartan it’s a great way to incorporate a little bit of your family history.

It’s often a nice idea for the groom or groom’s family to pin a sash of the clan tartan to the bride to welcome her to the family.


There are different levels of formality, and variation, and a number of different fashion trends that allow you to make the outfit special.


From a kilt with ghillie shirt for a relaxed and casual wedding…




To the most formal doublet jackets.




Increasingly popular are the tweed jacket options.




Available in grey and muted colours, the tweed jackets perfectly complement a kilt and are versatile jackets than can be worn with other outfits.


Worn with a wing collar shirt and bow tie, the Prince Charlie outfit  is the Scottish equivalent to black tie.




It’s common for the whole wedding party to wear the same outfit, choosing to wear their own tartan or perhaps matching the groom.

To bring this all together choose a matching tie and co-ordinating button hole.



As it’s the groom’s special day, a fly plaid can be worn to make the outfit extra special.




It often works out cheaper to buy the grooms outfit instead of hiring.

Not only can you then choose a clan tartan, but after just 3-4 uses this can work out cheaper than hiring an outfit for those occasions.

A bonus if you have a couple of weddings or events to attend in short space of time.  It’s a worthwhile investment that you can use time and time again.


Top tips for choosing your Kilt Outfit/Highlandwear


* Avoid the hired outfit look by wearing a coloured hose that complement your outfit and or jacket. Hire shops will often only rent cream hose.

* Allow plenty of time if you’re having a kilt made. It can take 6-8 weeks to make a kilt.

* Add a fly plaid to a Prince Charlie to set the groom apart.


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