Cool Classics for Your Blushing Bride – Wedding Car Hire Guide for Grooms

She’s all over the wedding details, but has left you in charge of the wedding chariot – but which Wedding Car to choose?

Read our Grooms guide to setting the wheels in motion for a blown-away bride on your wedding day…


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Most brides have more pressing issues to consider for the biggest day of their lives – the dress, the reception venue, the flowers, the shoes, the make-up, the bridesmaids… the list is endless.

And so, it’s quite often the case that the groom gets given the mission of finding and booking a classic wedding car, for her to arrive in style at the venue and for you both to use for those wonderful post-wedding and maybe even pre-honeymoon moments of blissful intimacy.

But there’s a multitude of wedding chariot options available out there.

And, knowing how too much choice isn’t necessarily a good thing for blokes, picking the right wedding car – to blow your wife’s stockings off, be a genuine addition to her day and a happy surprise – can be a daunting task.


First things first… the supercars, motorsport stuff and anything too ‘blokey MIGHT not be the best choice.

That said, being the groom can be a tiring, occasionally stressful and often thankless task, so you too deserve a treat… and the right wedding car is just that.

But remember one vital thing before you go booking.

Your bride wants to look her elegant, stylish and sophisticated best on her wedding day. She wants to show off and be seen, so pick a car with lots of glass, or even an open top.

Whether she’s picked a big dress or not, she’s going to want some space and ease of access.


Before you set to picking the right car, think hard about your spouse.

Is she a traditional, or a modern bride? Has she ever expressed any interest in any particular car in her life – one she might have even owned, or lusted after owning?


Use these as pointers to get you on the right track.:


For example, she might be a bit of a surfer, which surely only leaves you one option to consider – the iconic VW Campervan.

It’s a cult classic and one that’s becoming increasingly popular for relaxed retro weddings too, not just wetsuit types. It’s a very cool option for those old school design fans as well.

If she’s a traditionalist, or even an equestrian (and you don’t live where weather’s an issue/are not having a snow-covered winter wedding), what about a classic horse and cart?

OK, so it’s not a wedding car so much as wedding transport, but the heritage horse and cart – festooned in white ribbons and flowers – is pretty much as romantic as it gets.

And it’s certainly showy, for the bride who really wants to soak up the attention of her guests and the public.

If you’re not 100% sure on any particular direction, why not play it safe?

You literally can’t go wrong with pretty much any super luxurious Rolls-Royce or Bentley – classic or modern.

Their timeless elegance oozes glamour, romance and will definitely give a sense of occasion to, well, the occasion.

If you do go modern,  a Bentley Flying Spur or Arnage, or a Rolls Phantom, or even the brand spanking new Wraith Rolls-Royce, should budget allow.

They are the ultimate in prestige.

Or, for a true cult classic car, why not consider a Silver Cloud or Silver Spirit Roller or the amazing Bentley S or T-Series or the legendary Mk6 – all gems.

Maybe you’re feeling brave, or you know your wife-to-be has a quirky, or unusual streak? In which case, why not dare to be different?

You could hire a rare and wonderful Series I classic Land Rover, if she’s from a farming background.

Or how about a massive 1950s Cadillac cabriolet or even a V8 hot rod if you know she’s an American car nut? It’ll certainly be a talking point at your do.

Maybe you’re not into all this classic car stuff, and your wife is a bit of a party animal?In which case, go down the Hummer H2, H3 limousine or Lincoln limo route – so your blushing bride can arrive with her full entourage, disco lights on and bridesmaid hanging out of the sunroof.

And if maximum capacity is more your style than, err, style – and you want to transport the whole wedding party to the reception venue – you could pick a 1960s red London Routemaster bus.

No one will forget that in a hurry. Just make sure your wedding venues can accommodate them and don’t forget the conductor!


Whatever wedding car you’re thinking about picking for your event, do consider the following things:

* What’s the route like? Is the car a practical choice for the drive to the church, and your bride?

*Will the wedding car accommodate everyone the bride wants to carry to the church (do a head count)?

*If you’re booking a classic car, go and see it first. All classics vary in condition, and the pictures on the website you book from might not be representative.

You don’t want a rusty nail ruining the day, do you?

*Book a well-established, local firm: They will still be in business come your big day and know all the venues and best roads to make the journey memorable, not stressful.

*Classic wedding cars, just like any vehicles, should really be insured too. That way you’ll avoid unnecessary heartache and stained memories.

*Get your timings right. If need be, book an extra hour or two.

Never rush a bride on her big day! And make sure your chosen firm has not double booked. You want exclusive, relaxed, happy use from your booking, not a driver watching the clock.

*Don’t leave this task until the 11th hour. Book it early, or you will be going in a mate’s Ford Fiesta. And that ain’t a good look…

*Finally, think about car colour – usually the last thing a bloke thinks about when buying a car, but essential when booking your wedding-mobile.

Try and get a wedding car that’s “on theme” or that at least is neutral (white, cream) that won’t clash.

*Enjoy the experience. Wedding cars are not cheap, costing anywhere from £200 for a few hours. Relish every moment.


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