Creating a Bohemian Romance theme for your wedding

Glamorous, Traditional, Vintage, Rustic and Industrial are just a selection of the trending wedding themes for 2018; with Bohemian Romance (Boho) taking the top spot according to Pinterest.

Choosing the perfect theme for your wedding can be challenging when there’s so many beautiful styles to choose from but making this whimsical choice for your Big Day is a winner for us.

bohemian romance theme - bohemian wedding - boho wedding - boho bride

The relaxed yet elegant vibe of Boho is portrayed through the brides and her maids, with signature floral halos and free-spirited gowns.

The theme continues through the venue choice and location, decorations and style of ceremony.

bohemian romance theme - bohemian wedding - boho wedding - boho bride

Bohemian weddings are renowned for their connection with nature.

Rustic wood planks are often used to create unique table plans, welcome signs, statement cake stands and a whole host of venue accessories.

Greenery is also a must for boho style with beautiful ivy garlands and an array of colourful flowers used to brighten up the venue.

Whether you go for an indoor or outdoor ceremony, boho styling is adaptable to suit any setting. It doesn’t have to come with gasping price tag either.

A lot of boho accessories can be handmade, a little DIY could save you a small fortune.


Here we look at some of our favourite pieces you must have if you’re considering a bohemian romance themed wedding:


Catch the Dream

Simply beautiful, dream catchers are the perfect accessory to express the theme.

Capturing the free spirit of Bohemian, they are perfect to add a touch of colour to the surroundings without over stating.

They don’t take much to make either; this handy video guide will help you create your own unique style: DIY Boho Wedding Dream Catcher.

bohemian romance theme - bohemian wedding - boho wedding - dreamcatcher

Its Your Round!

Perfect for outdoor venues, why not add something a little different with a quirky drinks bar with your favourite tipple, be it beer, gin, whisky etc.

Personalised glasses add that sentimental touch, whilst the self-service allows your guests to join in the fun.

A rustic custom built bar is great to tie in with the authenticity of Boho with a contemporary twist if you are crafty.

Its all about the Cake

We’d be lying if we didn’t say the wedding cake is one of the most important features of the day.

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a simple yet elegant cake design.

Using the stand to compliment the Boho theme and adding a few petals to the layers, gets the message across without over doing it.

bohemian romance theme - bohemian wedding - boho wedding - boho wedding cake

Picture Perfect

We’ve seen photo booths and disposable cameras dotted around the tables.

But what we haven’t seen is a beautiful artificial grass back drop, set in a mini-studio, ready to capture those treasured moments for the rest of your life – or used to create a stunning photo album, we’ll let you decide!

This backdrop looks amazing with a base of artificial grass, personalised lettering and beautiful floral finishing.

Continue the look with an authentic artificial grass table runner too – tying in with the boho theme perfectly.

You can often find artificial grass remnants as a bargain price so it doesn’t have cost too much to create

bohemian romance theme - bohemian wedding - boho wedding - artificial grass backdrop

There we have it, four of our favourite decor pieces for the perfect Boho Wedding.

We’d love to know what your Boho wedding must haves are?


All Images sourced via Unsplash

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