Creating memorable table settings for your Big Day

Today I am delighted to share some great advice on creating memorable table settings for your Big Day from our friends at Wren Home and Outdoors.

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When you have said your ‘I do’s’ and your guests have enjoyed some canapés and a drink or two, the time has comefor the long awaited wedding breakfast.

It is so important to create the perfect setting for your first meal as a married couple, with all your nearest and dearest there to share it with you.

Deciding on how to decorate your tables is something that needs a great deal of thought  to ensure your guests feel comfortable and have a great time, as, besides your ceremony, the wedding breakfast is one of the most visual parts of your wedding day, before your friends and family descend in to full blown party mode!

With this in mind, here are some of the elements you could include on your tables to bring the wow factor!

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The centrepieces on your table are the first things your guests will notice.

Flowers are usually the most popular way to make a first impression – your flowers may follow your bouquet theme or something similar – but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Play around with floral choices, with just the subtlest nod to your theme. Sometimes, having a subtle variation makes a big impact.

You can display your flowers in classic vases, vintage vases or mason jars – even rustic wreath style floral arrangements laid on circular sliced log can give a really unusual, bohemian vibe.

In contrast, if flowers really aren’t your thing, you could choose something quirky like a shabby chic birdcage filled with fairy lights, candles or flowers or perhaps stacked vintage books.

Anything that lends to the theme of your day however alternative that is great as your wedding is supposed to reflect what you as a couple enjoy.

Play with the height of your table decorations too – this breaks up the table adding interest and variation.

Don’t forget though, you’ll need to ensure it’s not too high or too wide, so guests can see each other, and look around the room without any continuous barrier.

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Table Runner and cloths

Tablecloths and table runners add a sense of formality to your table décor.

Starting with a white tablecloth as your base is a good idea – this gives you a blank canvas to work on.

Adding one or two table runners builds texture and colour; just be sure to keep colours complementary so your don’t overcomplicate the table.

Remember that your centrepiece and tableware are the main eye catchers and your tablecloths should pull the whole look together.

If your wedding is rustic and shabby chic in style, then your may opt for a burlap or hessian style.

Another great way to create a sense of formality and wedding glamour is to add a runner of flora and foliage alongside candles to create a romantic rustic flourish.

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The instruments your guests use are very important. Tableware should be good quality, comfortable to handle and aesthetically pleasing.

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Wedding glassware usually consists of a red wine glass, a white wine glass, and a water tumbler.

Later guests will also receive a champagne flute to toast you, the happy couple, on your special day.

You can mix up your glassware for an interesting twist or you can match your glasses for a seamless sleek finish.

When it comes to the colour of your glassware it is generally clear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a hint of colour, perhaps a colour picked up from your flowers of your table runner?

The Artland Glassware from the Bling range incorporates the incredibly popular and on trend copper hammered detailing which looks expensive and flawless, as well as subtly matching most table décor choices.

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Choosing crockery for your table depends on the shape and size of your tables.

Round plates for a round table is the general rule of thumb, but don’t be afraid to mix and match size and shape.

For example, round plates laid on round plate chargers looks sleek and classic, but teamed with a small rectangular plate on top or to the left as a side plate for bread adds a subtle dimension. It’s these subtle differences then brings a decorated table together.

If your tables are long and rectangular then layering up rectangular plates creates a contemporary vibe.

Having rectangular tables means you should think about the geometry of your layout.

Spacing rectangular plates along a long table runner, gives an effortlessly neat and streamlined look, which appears satisfyingly faultless.

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Whether the theme of your wedding tables is rustic or contemporary, classic, vintage cutlery always seems to fit. Your guests will appreciate clean, glossy and most importantly ergonomically comfortable cutlery.

Good quality cutlery made from stainless steel guarantees durability and high performance.

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Wedding favours add a great finishing touch to your table, sugared almonds used to be a traditional choice but today anything goes ad can be a great way to subtly reflect your theme

If you’re going for a rustic themed wedding why not give each guest a mini plant pot to take away. Better yet use the plant pot as a place name holder; there you have a two-in-one incredibly cute table addition!

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Some love it and some hate it – either way confetti can be used to give a final flourish to your tables.

Sprinkling subtly coloured confetti or flower petals gives great texture and a beautiful finishing touch.

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Considering the points above should guide you into bringing together glorious tables settings that not only will you be proud of creating but that your wedding guests will love…


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