Dear Society ~ Please give Wedding Suppliers a break

Dear Society, it would be really appreciated if you gave Wedding suppliers and the Wedding Industry as a whole a little bit of a break.

Every day recently the media has been peddling article upon article about how much Weddings Cost, and what people think they should cost and the value of those that work within that industry.

wedding suppliers
What measures value? It’s a very open ended question and everyone will have their own answer.

A quote I hear a lot in the Wedding Industry from Brides/couples is this elusive “reasonable price” but how do people come up with this magic number.

This will be very personal and come down to each individuals budget and one persons thoughts on the matter can vary wildly from another.

However there seems to be a widespread notion that the Wedding Industry is all about ripping people off, inflating prices and playing with peoples emotions.

While like any industry there will be unscrupulous suppliers, in the main most wedding suppliers are honest, hardworking and kind small business owners with families, mortgages and bills JUST LIKE YOU trying to make a living!


As someone new to the world of Weddings you can feel overwhelmed, confused with lots of information flying around you, but personal research is the key to getting what is right for you and your partner, and your budget.

Bridal forums can be helpful but what is one persons experience, and what is right for them might not necessarily be right for you.

You may come to look at one part of your Wedding Budget and wonder how something can cost a particular amount, but what you don’t see is the many things that contribute to why something costs what it does.

What also has to be taken into account is regional variations as what may be the average price in London, may be different to say Manchester or Edinburgh.


Lets take a look as an example at a professional wedding photographer as one of your wedding suppliers…


What you do see is your photographer taking photos for one day (set period of hours).

What you don’t see is…

-Venue / Location scouting – to get you the very best shots and create your memories

-A plan B and options for inclement weather

-Pre wedding shoots to make sure you are happy and at ease with them so you will not look like a scared rabbit on your big day

-The care and upkeep of equipment – A seasoned photographer usually travels with several cameras, lenses, lighting equipment etc.

-The purchase of new gear

-Professional and Business insurance

-Fast forward to day before your wedding – making sure all of their equipment is working, extra batteries, extra film, extra memory cards usually 2 – 3 cameras, and lighting equipment

-A 10 – 12 hour wedding day

-Following your wedding day its going home backing up your images and then backing them up again usually somewhere else in case 1st place has an issue

-The 60 hours + it can take in editing the thousands of images they took on the day

-Album creation

-Social media to promote their work/increase client base.


That is a lot of work that is UNSEEN but hopefully it should be coming clear why photographers cost what they do.

It’s not just simply a case of coming and taking photos, its so much more.


A Photographers story transcends to all sectors of the Wedding Industry whether you are a cake maker, a stationer, a venue stylist, make up artist, bridal boutique owner or any other creative.

These are those that work tirelessly to make a living and support their families.

A lot of the time my colleagues in the industry have to seem to justify what their service costs.

The warring cry of “How Much” and that magic “Reasonable Price” that people seem to think that wedding suppliers are worth is heard all too often.

This can leave the industry feeling very UNDERVALUED!


Lets look at the meaning of that!

Undervalued means rated too low, thought little of, minimised, diminished.

So now think of yourself as an employee or even just as a person and how you would react if you were made to feel all those things.

Feels sucky, right?

How would you as an employee feel if your boss came to you and expected you to work for less than your worth.

I expect you would have feelings of upset, you would perhaps threaten to quit, you would call a union to protect yourself.

Think then to yourself as someone looking for wedding services and always looking for a discount.

Would you go to Starbucks and say NO, I want a discount on my coffee, would you haggle over the cost of your lunch at your favourite café , the concert tickets foryour favourite band or for the cost of that night out that you think you need.

So WHY are Wedding Suppliers so undervalued, why is there always the undercurrent that you are being overcharged.

Would you want your Wedding suppliers to feel undervalued, diminished and minimised?


Recent articles in the media have sought to diminish the work of the industry.

An article from Refinery 29 suggests that couples should do without a professional photographer and have people use their IPhones instead.

And worse still use the money saved for a free bar.

Instead of a beautifully edited and curated selection of images that tell the story of your carefully planned day you could instead be left with pictures of random blurry moments captured by your now very merry guests.

Demeaning the experience and skill of someone who has spent years perfecting their craft over a piece of gadgetry is ill advised at best.

Another article said that the wedding industry was populated with unreconstructed simpletons, bitchy wedding dress shop people, women that squeal about ribbon and craven rip off merchants…Yay for sisterhood and female solidarity! NOT!

I’m sorry but that it’s the most judgemental, elitist piece of nonsense.

As I said before in every industry there are sometimes those that give that industry a bad rap but in the main and I know a lot of people in this industry go above and beyond every day.

We don’t all have to be the same as Wedding supplier just like not every Bride/couple has to be the same.

There are literally thousands of expert creatives focusing on every genre of Wedding style that work diligently to create products and services that exceed expectation

We may all want different things for our celebration and that’s ok but to tarnish an industry in such a brutal and generalistic way is really a bit rude.

Stylist also published a video on how to Boss a Wedding Fair with suggestions such as leave a fake email address and eat all the cake you can.

Please be aware that Wedding Suppliers can pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds to exhibit their products and services.

They do this to allow you an up close view on how they work and how they can help you.

Being encouraged by the media to not be completely transparent as the film portrayed is a low blow.

When the media treats this as a way to take advantage then that is rude, dishonest and unfair.

A polite no thank you to a supplier is always better than them spending time preparing quotes for you that you have no intention of following up.


In this economy we appreciate that times are hard, and we get it as we live it too.

Things to think about to save money for your big day are perhaps reducing the guest list or getting married midweek or out of season, reducing your Bridal party or perhaps doing some DIY if you are creative.

However I have lost count of the amount of forum posts I have seen from those who want to reduce wedding costs but pay £500 for Louboutins or who want to save on wedding stationery but want to invite 200 guests.

If you want that designer dress, those amazing flowers, beautiful decorations then have less nights out, take a packed lunch to work, watch out for samples sales at your local boutique, save those pennies in a jar.

You dictate your Big Day and its costs by the choices you make for what you want.

A lot of the time your expectations of what you believe something is worth will be very different from reality.


These thoughts are not meant to be incendiary but to perhaps take time to think about how you view the Wedding Industry and those within it.

When did society forget that the Wedding Industry is made up of REAL PEOPLE!

Why do these people have to justify what they do, what they love, what they have passion for every single day.

I read a post from a wedding supplier and new mother apologising for sending client emails in the evening instead of during the day.

WHY should this person, at what should be a special time in her life feel guilty even when she is going above and beyond and valuing her customers even if work/life balance makes that difficult.

I’ll tell you why!

The majority of the Wedding Industry is made up of self employed individuals.

That means NO holiday pay, NO sickness pay, NO maternity benefits.

It also means they are people who may be hit hardest with government changes to National Insurance.

This also means NO work… NO pay.

Think now why the costs may be a little higher than you anticipated, than you think a service is worth.


Yes you have to work to a budget that works for you, yes you have to prioritise what is most important for your big day but it sometimes prudent to think about those that work hard to bring you those most special of days.

They have lives too, they have problems too.

In this Instagram perfect world putting on a face and soldiering on is quite normal as for most suppliers giving up is not a option even though in the face of societies backlash its a feeling many have.

The Wedding Industry isn’t always glitter and rainbows but making this time special for you is what inspires them every day to go that extra mile and they have the right to support themselves as you do.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    So very well said, may I share this on my business and group page, lets get this message far and wide xx

    1. Reply

      Yes please feel free to share. If sharing on Facebook can you tag in or share from my business page Thank you x

  2. Reply

    Extremely well put together piece, thank you for trying to redress the balance

  3. Reply

    Fantastic piece! I shall
    Be sharing far and wide!

    1. Reply

      Thank you, most appreciated x

  4. Reply

    Well said Alison. I couldn’t agree more.

    1. Reply

      Thank you, most appreciated x

    1. Reply

      Thank you so much, that comment has made my day x

  5. Reply

    As a florist I read what you had written and nodded in agreement all the way through. Great read! I’m sharing! Thank you!

    1. Reply

      Thank you for your kind words x

  6. Reply

    Absolutely. How lovely to have you speak up for us Alison! Refreshing! Thank you x

    1. Reply

      Thank you, glad you like the feature x

  7. Reply

    Excellent comments … lets hope people take notice.

    1. Reply

      I hope that it makes people take notice and think too x

  8. Reply

    I ruddy looovvveeee this blog, you hit the nail on the head. This is exactly how I feel!!! Shared this far and wide to all my wedding industry colleagues. Thanks for being our voice!!!

  9. Reply

    As a wedding florist I totally agree with every single word.
    Thank you

  10. Reply

    I do agree. There’s a lot of work involved in creating a beautiful wedding for all involved. However, suppliers DO inflate prices when the w word is involved. When planning my own wedding we approached a florist and asked for a quote for our centrepieces. Was told that what we wanted was £30 per table. Gave it a week and my mum called to ask for the same thing for a 50th birthday party. We spoke to the same woman, gave the same brief and yet the price for party table centrepieces was only £20 each. No wonder people get fed up and mistrustful.

    1. Reply

      Hi Tina, to be fair the flowers used for a Wedding and a 50th Birthday would have variations. The duration of a birthday party and the duration of a wedding would mean that more long lasting florals would be needed and slight differences to style meaning more work on wedding florals. I do get your point but there are a lot of variables and wedding flowers and birthday flowers would not be completely the same.

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    Well written, but what about the ‘wedding industry’ when it comes to cancelling a wedding. You have a bride who has been jilted several months before the wedding. Very distressing for her and her family. Oh but then i comes to cancelling the wedding. We all understand that those involved in the wedding are more than likely self employed and we all understand that despite this being upseting for you they still have a buiness to run/pay for. So you can say goodbye to your deposits, understandably. But no, the photographer wants and has his money in full despite not lifing the camera, the cake designer wants their money in full even thought they dont even know what cake you wanted , the florist wants more money even though they have only given you a quote. These people are not out of pocket as have your deposits and you have not even agreed to use them. So even though it is distressing for you as a family you have to repeatedly use ‘the sale of goods act ‘. They were also a lot of lovely people out there who apologised for keeping your deposit even though they were entitled to do so. How funny it was to find this aticle on some of their sites. Poor them. What they forget is ‘ word of mouth’.

    1. Reply

      While I fully sympathise with a wedding being cancelled and the pain that causes any person will have signed a contract when entering into service agreement with any business that will usually say that deposits non refundable and usually there will be cancellation terms with regards to payment. In my experience money’s would be due on particular times prior to day usually few weeks but if very good notice given, as you say few months then I’m not sure why further money would have to be paid out. This would all be dependent on what your contract said. Cancellation fees may be different / more stringent with venues. I am so sorry that you have had this experience

  12. Reply

    Thanks alison. To be honest you just pay them to ‘make them go away ‘. The photographer was the worst, going back and forth to both families for money. As he said he did not charge us for the album to which i replied ‘ you did not have any photos to put in it! A real eye opener!

  13. Reply

    You have said something most of us dream of telling clients, or at least potential clients.

    The amount of women/man power that goes into one single wedding, is significant and each an individual production on many levels.

    People sacrifice the dignity of wedding suppliers, rather than what they can afford… something myself and my company have become firm about, every person getting married deserves quality, but quality at the price they can afford without being disrepectful to someones trade and expertise/knowlge.

    A wedding should be individual, bespoke and taloyered. But not at the cost of the people serving, creating and producing!

    1. Reply

      Thank you for your kind words. First and foremost I hope the article serves as being informative and educational x

  14. Reply

    Good points made and a well written piece.

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      Thank you for your kind words x

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    Hit the nail on the head. Bang on. Dead centre.

    Some (most) of the points you made set out exactly why many talented and creative people have left the wedding industry in the last few years – to the detriment of the industry and brides. Don’t get me wrong – we don’t mind going the extra mile for people when it’s appreciated, but not when you work is devalued and unappreciated. I still remember the bride I helped out massively so she had her ‘dream’ dress (that she couldn’t afford to pay full price for because of budget restrictions… I pretty much just covered cost on the dress by the time you add in the hours I spent with her)… only to find out afterwards she’d bought a pair of brand new Louboutins to wear with it. Slap. In. The. Face. Leaves you thinking ‘more fool me’ and you don’t do it again for anyone else.

    Weddings are not all rainbow and glitter, and aside from being undervalued and accused of gross mark-ups, the wedding industry also puts up with a lot of ill-mannered, unappreciative and ill-informed people who seem to think they have an entitlement to get everything cut-price regardless of the hours and hours of creativity, knowledge and effort that have gone into making something. Spend what you can afford. Don’t live a champagne lifestyle if you have a Cava budget, and DO treat your suppliers with some respect for their creativity, ethics and knowledge – and remember that they are trying to earn a living, just as you are.

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