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Today I am thrilled to share a Guest post from Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise to show you how you can walk  down the aisle in gorgeous spectacle style and not in a  blur.



I hand over to Karen so she can share her wisdom,
“It’s your big day, your hair & make up are done your dress is looking stunning everything has come together apart from you have not thought of or found a solution for your glasses.
Your everyday glasses look great with your everyday  clothes  but not special enough for your big day.”
“You may say that your everyday glasses are comfortable but so are your slippers, would you wear those on your wedding day?”

“How do you solve the issue of walking down the aisle in a blur?




“There are options like contact lenses or eye surgery. But if you have always been a spectacle wearer & can’t or don’t want to wear contact lenses then finding the right pair of glasses is critical.”

“Spectacles can change your look, your image, make a statement &  bring out your personality.”

“Fashion will influence your look but not all of today’s fashion will work for your wedding, trendy, geek chic heavy glasses may not be the image you want.”

“You may want a special look to match your dress tiara or the colour theme of your wedding.”

“Rimless frames give a minimalistic look, nothing heavy on the front of your face and the sides can vary from jewelled to very simple light weight titanium, but not all prescriptions are suitable.”

“Stronger prescriptions will want more thought such as a thicker frame or a full rimmed to hide the thickness of the lens.”

“Other considerations that have to be made are things like your head dress, veil, tiara.”

“Wearing a tiara  like an Alice band can irritate with the sides of your glasses.
Wearing your tiara higher or a hair comb may be a better option.”




“By getting your glasses fitted properly by a qualified Dispensing Optician, they will look at the length of the sides of the glasses which should not catch your veil.”

“A must is to have a good quality antireflection coating on your lenses as you don’t want any reflections from your glasses on your photos.”

“Go for the thinnest lens advisable for the best cosmetic look and weight.”

“Avoid transition lenses (lenses that change colour in the sun) which are fantastic for your honeymoon but the last thing you want are your outdoor wedding photos looking like you are wearing sunglasses.”

“You may want to match to your brides maids dresses or the colours of your flowers, so make sure you have swatches to take with you when you select your glasses.”

“Show your  make-up artist the glasses you are wearing so your make up can be applied correctly to show your eyes through the lenses.”


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“Don’t forget the rest of the wedding party.”

The mothers can have colour co-ordinated spectacles to match their outfits or the theme for the wedding.”

The groom should be advised to follow similar advice to his bride and have clean crisp looking glasses, avoiding the transitions and having a good anti reflection coating.”

The father of the bride needs to have spectacles to enable him to read his speech and see the guests. Full frame reading glasses will not enable him to do this and so varifocals or half eye glasses are a couple of solutions.”

“Finally two things to remember, your glasses are as important as every other part of our outfit and so allow plenty of time to make the right selection and secondly you can wear your glasses again and again and again.”




About the Writer:

Karen Louise Haase is a qualified Dispensing Optician. She qualified from Bradford in 1999 and has been a partner in K&G Optical Services since 2004.

Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise is the original, fashionable, designer led Eyewear to compliment your wedding.

Karen Louise has over 20 years experience in glasses as well as an interest in fashion and felt that she could put these to good use in helping wedding parties choose the ideal wedding glasses for their special occasion.

Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise is a Bridal Spectacle specialist with a focus on those special occasions. It does not have to be just a wedding but can be for those special days, fabulous parties or even just to get a new look and feel extra special.

All Consultations are free of charge and by appointment only,  consultations taking place in Snaith at Michael James Opticians, but home visits can be made in exceptional circumstances.


Thanks to Karen for sharing this invaluable advice which is just brilliant for anyone involved in a Wedding.

On this most special of days, its important that you feel fully fabulous and confident as well as having something that is fuctional too.

I hope this advice is helpful  in making decisions of what is right for you in terms of eyewear for your Big Day.


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Image Credits: Middlethorpe Hall Images –  MaryAnne Scott,  Other featured Images – Dale Turner.


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