Engagement Rings: How to Make The Right Choice?

He asked the question, and you said yes but now comes the subject of Engagement Rings, and how do you make the right choice.

Sometimes the Groom to be uses a family heirloom, sometimes he picks a ring but usually a couple goes together to make a choice of a symbol to their love.




There are many types of engagement rings that will satisfy just about every taste, and a great variety of diamond cuts, settings, band materials and price ranges.

Given the fact that an engagement ring can be an heirloom and can be passed down through the generations, choosing one can be bewildering.

But here are some things a couple should consider before they choose the all-important ring.

The Diamond

A beautifully cut diamond is a real work of art, but a diamond has other characteristics that the couple should consider.

These are:


This is how much the gem weighs. Generally, the larger the carat the more expensive the diamond is.


This describes the flaws and inclusions that in the diamond.

Very few diamonds are flawless, but in a high quality diamond flaws can’t be seen with the naked eye. The flaws can be on the surface of the diamond, like a slight chip or it can be inside the diamond in terms of how it reflects the light.

The diamonds are scaled according to how flawed they are from flawless to I1,I2 and I3 that means imperfections can be seen with the naked eye.


Diamonds can come in a rainbow of colours, though most diamonds chosen for engagement rings are white or have a very slight amount of colour, usually yellow but the more yellow colour in the diamond the less value it has.

A truly colourless diamond ring is extremely rare and is categorized as a D with the scale going all the way down to K-Z that means the colour is noticeable.

Some people will choose a coloured diamond for an engagement ring.

These diamonds can be rare and might cost more than a white diamond.

Coloured diamonds can range from pink to red to purple to blue to shades of brown and green.


There are many types of diamond cuts.

There’s the always popular round brilliant, which has 57 facets no matter how big or small the diamond is.

Other cuts are Princess cut, marquise cut, heart-shaped cut, pear-shaped cut, cushion cut, emerald cut and Asscher cut.

Some jewellers believe that cut also refers to the actual way the diamond is cut.

The purpose of the cut is to make the diamond sparkle with its maximum brilliance.

If a diamond is cut too shallowly, light will escape through the bottom. If it’s cut too deep, some light will escape through the side.

In an ideal cut, light falls into the diamond then exits through the top.


As diamonds have different cuts, they can be placed in different settings.

Many diamond engagement rings feature a large diamond in a claw setting that raises it above the band.

When the diamond is a single gemstone it’s called a solitaire.

In another type of setting the centre diamond can be joined by two side diamonds or a number of smaller diamonds set around the band. These smaller diamonds can be set in a pavé setting or a channel setting.

In a pavé setting, tiny diamonds are clustered together like cobblestones on a pavement.

In a channel setting, the diamonds are carefully placed in a channel around the ring.

Sometimes, the diamonds can be flush with the metal and sometimes they’re raised above the metal.

Many couples will choose a bezel setting, which is an old, reliable setting. The diamond is fitted into a metal band that’s set on the ring.


The band is almost always made of a precious metal.

Gold is prized for its lustre, but it needs to be alloyed with another metal as its too soft for everyday wear.

White gold is alloyed with white metals, rose and yellow gold are often alloyed with copper.

Other metals are the noble white metals platinum, palladium and tungsten.





There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right engagement ring but getting the right partner is the most important thing of all !


Thank you to Guest Contributor – Rebecca Lowe for making things a little clearer and giving great information on the options we have when choosing such a special piece of Jewellery.

Rebecca is a Fashion student living in London who works part-time with fashion consultant Suzanne Bernie helping people get the right look for whatever occasion as well as writing on behalf of Samara James who help you create the perfect proposal with a gorgeous ring.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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