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Today, I am really honoured to have Andrew Shanahan of I am Staggered guest blogging on the subject of Essential Things For The Father of the Bride to know!

I met Andrew through Twitter several years ago, and I am so impressed with his wedding resource, its amazing, and if you are a bloke you shouldn’t get wed without it.

I am Staggered is jam packed with tips, advice, incredible humour and just a place where as a bloke you feel at home.




Here Andrew gives some really important advice to the Bride’s dad for surviving the Big Day!


“There seems to be a general feeling that the Father of the Bride is often the forgotten man of the wedding planning process.

The feeling is that you’re probably experienced enough to cope with the nerves, and tough enough to cope with the emotions.

But that’s why we often end up feeling sorry for the FOTB (you’ve even got the worst wedding acronym for crying out loud!)


So I have decided to round-up some essential advice for all the dads out there prior to the big day.”


Deal With The Nerves Before They Ruin It

“It’s perfectly natural and acceptable for you to feel nervous. Nerves about the ceremony and speeches are in the top three subjects that fill the Staggered inbox.”

“Fortunately, both can be cured with some simple preparation. Write and practice your speech at least a month in advance of the big day and do everything you can to make it to the church rehearsal as this will give you an idea of where to stand when.”


Speeches Are Easy When You Prepare

“You can find way more information on Staggered about wedding speeches  but this is it in a nutshell. Between 5 and 8 minutes, less is more, stand straight, don’t mumble and speak from the heart.”

“Always write your speech in full (never “wing it”), because even if you don’t use it, you’ve always got it in case you need it.”

“Give a copy to your daughter for the wedding memory box.”

“The Father of the Bride welcomes the guests, sets the tempo, welcomes his new family members and talks about his daughter without embarrassing her!”


It Will Be Emotional – Get Ready

“Blokes and emotions are never a good mix, for the simple reason that we’re often a bit slower at dealing with them and how they affect us.”

“Take some time before the wedding to talk to your daughter about the wedding and what she means to you.”

” Too many men think they’ll come out with the perfect speech in the car on the way to the church and end up feeling that they never quite explained how they feel – or worse: end up at the church a sobbing mess!”


How To Deal With The Money

“The good news is that this generation are getting married later, the bad news being that they’re living with their parents longer. As a result more of them are paying for their own wedding.”

“If you’re still footing the bill and you find that the wedding is placing too much of a burden on your finances then make it clear that costs need to be cut.”

“Everyone wants a perfect wedding, but no one wants that to come at the expense of a stressed dad.”

“Also there are thousands of resources out there on how to get a champagne wedding on beer prices, use them!”


Plan Your Advice

“As with the emotions, this is another topic that should be tackled in advance of the big day.”

“It’s tradition that you pass on some advice – whether that’s in your speech or just in passing.”

“This is a big thing both for the bride and the groom and many people remember for their whole lives what was said to them at this point.”

“So make it wise, make it original and make it something personal.”

Think about your marriage: what have you learned? What can you say that will improve these young people’s chance of happiness? But remember, no pressure…”




Thank you so much to Andrew for sharing his fountain of wedding knowledge with us, I am sure all the dad’s out there will really appreciate your words.


Image Credit 1. I am Staggered {UK’s leading men’s wedding website}

Image Credit 2. Father of the Bride



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