Fashion and Beauty Essentials for Surviving your Wedding Day

Today I would like to share some fashion and beauty essentials for surviving your Wedding Day

If you’re the gal who is getting ready to tie the knot there are two things that you should be aware of.

The first one is, this is going to be one of the most magical day of your life – that’s a given.

However, the other thing is not quite as pleasant and your big day can turn into a hot sweaty mess if you don’t take precautionary measures and equip yourself with the ultimate wedding day survival kit.

The essentials in this kit won’t only save the day, but also ensure you get all the frill-free magic you deserve.

So, without further ado, let’s see what it is every bride needs to make this a memorable day, in the best possible way of course.

Image – Chirobocea Nicu

Make it perfect

Makeup artists are artists, but they aren’t magicians.

They can only do so much, so your job is to do your best or ensure sure the condition of your skin is as god as it can be before you even think of the kind of makeup you want for the big day.

If your skin is an ongoing problem discuss with your dermatologist – the sooner you start treating your problem areas, the sooner you’ll achieve your an improved complexion.

A facial 7-10 days before the wedding is a consideration, so that your skin in it its best shape for all the wonderful makeup tricks.

If you have never had one before, best to try a good while beforehand as you don’t want to run into difficulties that close to your wedding day.

Image – Alexandra Gorn

The beauty department

Ask around, follow tips and tricks from girlfriends who have already found their marital bliss.

They will give you the skinny on who the best makeup artists and hairstylist in town are so you can book them in a timely manner.

Convey your vision regarding your desired look and be as specific and decisive as possible.

This is your day and you should look like your definition of angelic bridal beauty.

Choose a signature scent, and make sure you pack a body mist on you as you’ll definitely need it to give your skin a hydration boost on the big day.

Always carry a mini deodorant; this will save your life. This is a monumental but also a nerve-racking day, and you’re bound to be sweating like crazy.

Finally with all the kisses and hugs you’ll be in dire need of a quick make up touch up.

Ensure that you have you have your preferred brands that compliment your skin and your initial making up so you have that that perfect airbrushed look and when it’s time for the abundance of photographs – you’ll be a thing to behold.

Image – Terje Sollie

We need to talk about shoes…

High heels look great, but with all the dancing, walking around greeting guests and everything else the event entails, high heels can become your worst enemy.

Salvation is to be found in amazing and stylish kitten heel wedding shoes that are equally, if not even more chic than high heels, but bring about less discomfort and pain.

Dance your heart out, it’s your big day and you deserve to celebrate it and do it in the type of shoe that will be your best friend and support.

Image – Charisse Kenion

The perfect dress…

Now, this is something that you need to think about months and months ahead.

Once you’ve set the date you need to go scouting for the perfect wedding dress.

Now, the one mistake many brides tend to make is to choose a dress that is gorgeous but completely impractical.

Look for the best of both worlds; something that will be flattering on your body type and leave everyone in awe as you walk down the aisle, but also something that will not constrain you, something that will allow you to move, dance and breathe as well.

Image – Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Back ups…

Hair stylists will create a beautifully coifured do, but sometimes there are things that are beyond our control like inclement weather

In case of a hair malfunction always have additional bobby pins, hair clips and combs either in your clutch or with your maid of honor – if things in the hair department go awry, you’ll need them for a quick fix.

Image – Ishan

Tears of joy

No matter how hard you try to compose yourself, you are bound to cry at one point or another.

Even if you manage to keep it together, we bet at least one of your bridesmaids won’t!

No one wants to walk down the aisle with a sniffly nose, so have tissues handy at all times to feel your best.


Author Bio: Georgia Selih is fashion consultant, journalist and author of By nature an artist, by profession a journalist.

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