Fulfilling Your Chief Bridesmaid Duties – It’s the Little Things!

As the name suggests, being selected as chief bridesmaid or maid of honour is a great honour and something all ladies hope for at least once in their life.

It allows you the opportunity to share in every aspect of the wedding with the bride-to-be, from dress fittings to the hen do to the busy prep of the wedding morning.

Whilst there is certainly plenty of excitement to be had, when fulfilling the role of chief bridesmaid there are a number of duties you’ll be expected to take charge of too, and the term bridesmaid defines a woman who is an attendant to the bride.


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From flowers to holding the train and ensuring things are running smoothly, here are just a few things to consider if you’ve accepted the responsibility of being maid of honour.


Keeping the Bride Calm and Collected

There are plenty of opportunities for the bride-to-be to become stressed, upset or just plain exhausted, which is where the maid of honour steps up.

Ensuring she is kept as calm as possible is throughout not only the wedding, but the planning process too is imperative.

It may seem like an arduous task, but trying to keep one step ahead of the game is perhaps the most important aspect of being a bridesmaid.

From making sure you have a constant supply of tissues to keep those pesky tears at bay to helping the bride into her gown, keeping a concise checklist of your duties (and then some) will certainly help.


Planning the Hen Party/ Bridal Shower

The expectation regarding hen parties only seems to have increased in recent years, and no end of money is spent by those attending them.

The task of planning a memorable hen do is often left to the chief bridesmaid – with a little guidance from the bride of course – and it’s important to plan an event that everyone is certain to enjoy.

Being mindful of everyones budget planning a day of champagne and pampering is a sure fire way of pleasing even the most difficult of brides or  guests, and companies such as Urban Retreats allow you to enjoy luxurious spa treatments, take in the sights  of the Big City and finish the day off with an afternoon of R&R.


Organising the Small Touches

It may not come as part of the job description, but planning small surprises for the bride and groom to enjoy when they head off to the hotel will mean the world to the happy couple.

Small gestures such as handwritten notes,  planning to have flowers or champagne put into the hotel room for the newlyweds to enjoy is a sweet touch, and something they’ll certainly be grateful for.


Photography Credit: Ina Pandora Photography (via Shutterstock)


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