Getting the wedding proposal right

It’s a moment that will be talked about and reminisced over for the rest of your life – the all-important wedding proposal.

If you’re ready to pop the question but are not sure where to start and are feeling the pressure, look no further.

Fergus from Dubai Rocks has some fantastic expert advice on how to create the perfect wedding proposal to remember…


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Choose the perfect sparkle

If you want your wedding proposal to be a moment she never forgets, spend time choosing the perfect gemstone or diamond ring.

See if you can raid her jewellery box to get the ring size right, or ask friends or family for advice.

Once you’re ready to shop, remember the big “C”s – clarity, cut, colour, certification and carat. This will help you narrow down your selection and make sure that you go for great quality diamonds which will keep their sparkle for a lifetime.

But most of all go with your instinct – you’re looking for the ring that will light up her face when she first sees it.

Love is in the air – create the perfect location

Pick a location which has some kind of meaning and an element of surprise.

It could be where you had your first date, where you spent your first Valentine’s Day or where you first said the other all-important words – I love you.

So if your first kiss was by a lake on a summer’s day, recreate the scene but add in a champagne picnic for an extra surprise.

Or if your first date was at your favourite restaurant, head back there but add in a special twist by asking the restaurant to play a song that you know she loves, have champagne and two glasses sent over to your table and pop the question as the song finishes.

Don’t forget the romantic finishing touches

You’ve got the ring and the location sorted, but it’s the finer details that make a wedding proposal even more memorable.

A wedding proposal doesn’t have to be elaborate, and you don’t need to write her name across the clouds to make a big and lasting impact.

But whether you hide the ring in an elaborate chocolate dessert or simply get down on one knee and keep it traditional, make sure you speak from the heart.

Don’t feel pressured into coming up with lengthy Shakespearean prose – simply tell her why you want to spend the rest of your life with her and your words will speak volumes.

Getting a wedding proposal right will give you the best possible start to your lifetime of happiness together.

Don’t get too caught up with expectations and pressure – instead relax, enjoy the planning and stick with what you know she’ll love.

This wedding proposal is the start of a wonderful journey together – enjoy every moment.


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