Getting wonderful Wedding Flowers, without breaking the bank

Today I would love to discuss the subject of getting wonderful Wedding Flowers without breaking the bank.

Kayleigh B shares her thoughts on what she did and her advice for Brides and Grooms.




When I look back on my own wedding day, I remember an occasion that was simply perfect.

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by family and friends, with numerous happy smiles greeting my every move.

Of course, such visions of happiness can sometimes seem distant, particularly when you are in the midst of the planning process.

You may have very clear ideas on the type of wedding that you desire, but it can come as a shock when those seemingly reasonable expectations start to meet reality.

Unless you are in a very fortunate position, it’s likely that your own plans will be limited, in some respect, by the need to stay within a particular budget.

I certainly remember looking at photographs of celebrity weddings and wondering whether I could ever hope to replicate some of the more extravagant elements.




Making your money go a little further

The truth is, however, that how much you spend is far less than what you actually manage to achieve.

I’ve had the good fortune to attend some weddings where the happy couple were clearly working to a more limited budget.

Did this limit their own enjoyment of the event or that of their friends? It meant that they were forced to carry out more of the physical preparations themselves, but that never seemed to be to the detriment of the day.

If anything, it led to more of a personal touch, which added to the occasion.

You may have felt that your own budget was pretty generous, before you realised just how much individual elements might cost.

I certainly remember feeling that the mere mention of the word wedding seemed to be adding a few extra pounds to some of the quotes that I was receiving.

There’s no doubt that some retailers and service providers will be aware that couples are prepared to spend that bit more on a wedding day.

This can contribute to some hefty bills, on everything from the venue to the hire of transport.



Choosing the right flowers

As you go through your own planning process, you may be concerned about how you can get the right look.

There can certainly be challenges along the way and flowers are likely to represent a relatively expensive outlay.

They do, however, have the ability to transform any room and to offer an incredibly powerful contribution to the occasion.

Firstly, you may wonder how much it is reasonable to spend on flowers. The answer to that question tends to vary widely, depending upon circumstances.

According to a recent study, the typical cost of flowers is usually somewhere between £500 and £1,000.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be paying such an amount. Some couples decide to prepare their own bouquets, which can certainly help to reduce the costs involved.



Using professional advice

If you are going to be using a florist, then it makes sense to actually seek their professional advice.

Florists aren’t just there to arrange wedding flowers into a bouquet and to deliver them on the day.

They should have a detailed knowledge of different floral options and will be happy to offer advice.

You shouldn’t be afraid of stating that you are looking for cheaper options.

It’s likely that a good florist will advise, for example, that you should select seasonal flowers that have been grown in the UK.

These will often be less expensive than those grown overseas, while there will also usually be fresher

. This is a great example of how you can save money, without losing the impact of the flowers.

You may also have been thinking about using one set of flowers for the ceremony and separate displays at the reception venue.

Although that may seem like a perfectly sensible plan, you could actually look to save money by using the same flowers in both locations.

You won’t be left to physically transport them yourself. You can always ask someone else to help with that, such as one of the ushers, ensuring that this is a practical option.


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