Groom Fashion Trends for the Stylish Groom

Today I want to focus on Groom fashion trends which can be somewhat neglected in the grand scheme of things, particularly in traditional weddings.

But for most men, what they wear on their big day is just as important to them as the wedding dress is to the Bride.


adam-waite, coloured-wedding-suits, image-joe-starbuck-photography
Suit – Adam Waite Tailoring – Image – Joe Starbuck Photography


The Morning Suit

With a traditional wedding, you will probably need a traditional, formal morning suit.

A suit consisting of a tailcoat, waistcoat, white shirt and  trousers, this is the posh option suitable for a stylish wedding. They should only be worn for noon or early afternoon weddings.


Spains-Hall-Shoot, DA-Photography, The-Grooms-Room-Essex, Morning-Suit
Morning Suit – The Grooms Room Essex – Image by DA Photography


The Tuxedo

A classic tuxedo can go a long way. All black with a satin striped trouser and a bow tie, with a cummerbund to add extra class.

These should be worn for evening dos.


Charlton Grey Tuxedo – Slaters Menswear – Image – Visual Aspect Photography


The Coloured Suit

If your style is a little bit more bohemian or out of the ordinary, then a coloured suit is for you.

Anything goes, but think lighter colours such as pale blues and beige for spring and summer, and darker colours like red wine or emerald green for the autumn and winter.


Deer-Park-Groom, venetia-norrington-photography, suit-nicki-sugar
Coloured Suit – Groomswear – Nicki Sugar – Image by Venetia Norrington Photography



Pocket Watch – if you’re feeling dandy, then a pocket watch adds a little bit of old-world charm.

Cufflinks – An essential part of your wedding outfit, cufflinks add that extra little bit of class to your outfit.

Tie or Cravat – Without a tie, your outfit is incomplete (unless you’re going for a really, really casual look).

The style of your tie will depend on your outfit, as a cravat is normally much more formal than a regular tie.

Knightsbridge Neckwear has a range of different ties in a variety of colours to make sure that you can find a colour and style that suits you.

Handkerchief or Pocket Square – To add extra detail to your outfit, add a pocket square or handkerchief to your pocket.

For a formal look, make sure that it matches your tie or cravat, but if you’re going for something more casual, go for a pocket square that complements the rest of your outfit.

They also come in handy for a weepy mother of the bride.

Socks – While you might think that your socks don’t have that big a role to play in your wedding outfit, it’s the detail that makes the whole.

Socks should match your trousers if you don’t want them to stand out, but if you fancy a pop of colour, then this is where you should play it up.

Shoes – One of the most important accessories to get right, they need to be both stylish and comfortable.

Again, the style that you go for will depend on the formality of your wedding.


Image Credits

Coloured Suit – Adam Waite Tailoring – Image by Joe Starbuck Photography (Main image)

Morning Suit – The Grooms Room – Image by DA Photography

Tuxedo Suit – Slaters Menswear – Image by Visual Aspects Photography

Coloured Suit – Nicki Sugar – Image by Venetia Norrington Photography


*Thanks to Alexa Hobson for helping to bring you this post



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