How NOT to plan a wedding on Pinterest

Today I am thrilled to share some great advice from Cynthia at Alegrar Weddings on how NOT to plan your Wedding on Pinterest.

We all do it, we see the pretty, we pin like a mad thing, then we see something else and so it goes on and it can get pretty overwhelming.

But now is the time to stop, to focus, and to read how Pinterest can be your asset and not be something that drives Wedding stress to extreme…


I hand over to Cynthia…


“Ok, go on, confess how many Pinterest boards do you really have for your wedding? 2, 3, 10, too many to admit publicly?”

“Consider this your ‘pintervention’… Yes, that.’!”

“Pinterest is a great tool for general inspiration and seeing how colours look together on moodboards etc. however, trying to get that exact centrepiece, in that exact vase, in that exact position (as you see on Pinterest) is definitely a recipe for disaster!”


pinterest board, image credit - pinterest, pink and lime wedding moodboard, pink and lime wedding pinterest board


Example of using Pinterestboards to see how colours look together | Images via Pinterest


“Apart from the untold amounts of time you spend on it (time that eats right into your wedding planning, mind) browsing through and expecting the exact same things from suppliers sets you up for unrealistic expectations.”


Pictures on Pinterest generally have:

“Shoot stylist – some of the pictures on Pinterest has been specifically staged in styled shoots using the expertise of a stylist to place that centrepiece exactly at the right spot.”

“Lighting expert – pictures have the right lighting to give it the look and feel it needs to appear oh so perfect!”

“Photographer – the photographer has done a fab job of capturing the images from about 10 different angles before landing the perfect shot that eventually made it onto the Pinterest board.”

“Retoucher – you know all those retouched pictures of models you see on shows like Britain’s next top model?”

“Well, that happens to pictures on Pinterest too! Some have been retouched to have the perfect lighting, perfect positioning and great layout so that you look at it and immediately want it!”

“Budget – wanting things exactly as they appear on Pinterest could cause you to start budgeting for things you don’t need which inevitably causes your budget to skyrocket out of control with wanting everything you see exactly as they appear!”

“Having said all this, Pinterest is still a great resource for inspiration but perhaps change your expectations of how you use it.”


pinterest board, image credit - strictly weddings, winter wedding moodboard, winter wedding pinterest board


Example of a classic winter themed wedding style | Images via Strictly Weddings


“The best way to use Pinterest is to first decide on what you want i.e. wedding style, type of chair covers, centrepieces and flowers to use etc and then go on Pinterest to find images that support your vision as opposed to randomly pinning stuff on boards, and expecting to see it exactly as it appears when you approach your suppliers.”

“That way, it helps you to stay focused and do some targeted searches which will save you a load of time.”

“When it comes to the exact look, choose designs based on what suppliers have on their website, that way you’ll be sure you’ll get what you want i.e. the real deal, not a photoshopped, mocked up, retouched version!”


Sage advice and something we should all think about so that Pinterest is our ally and used to its very best advantage.


Cynthia Adipue is a London based wedding and event planner who helps busy professionals like you to plan for their big day….you can download a complementary copy of her guide ‘How to plan the wedding of your dreams in 9 months or less: a step by step guide for busy professionals’….


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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