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I am thrilled to welcome Zankyou to the Plans and Presents Blog with a fabulous Guest Post on the subject of How to approach the subject of the Gift List.

The subject of a Gift List is always a tricky one, but here is some great suggestions and ways to ensure that difficult situations and conversations don’t arise.



“When it comes to wedding gifts, it seems there’s no middle ground.”

“But can you really approach the subject of wedding gifts tastefully a) without making your guests feel awkward and b) ensuring you actually get what you want?”

“The etiquette relating to wedding lists is changing.
While people still want to give you gifts to celebrate your big day, the traditional function of the list, which was to help you furnish and kit out your new home, is no longer applicable for many couples.”

“Of course, you can use your wedding day to ask guests to help you out with household items you still haven’t bought or perhaps couldn’t buy yourself.”

“But many couples nowadays would prefer to receive money and spend it when they’re ready, whether on a future home, a honeymoon or lots of different adventures.”

So, how do you get around this without offending your guests?

Here are some quick and handy pointers.

•Notification: Some wedding experts insist that you should never publicise your gift list in your invitation, as it’s a direct suggestion that you expect a gift.

While not practical if you’ve got guests coming from all over, what you could do is allocate a few key figures, like your parents and close friends, to let others know about the details of your gift wishes.

•Tone: Make your guests part of your list. If you decide to include information in your invitations, explain to them why you’re doing it.

What people hate is that you assume they’re going to give you a gift, even though they wouldn’t dream of not doing so!

•Cash: If you want money, humour might help – add a funny poem to your invitation, explaining why you don’t have a physical gift list.

•Variety: If you’re just too embarrassed to ask for money, set up several different lists in different places, including a honeymoon list, so that guests have a choice.  That will help ease the idea that you expect to receive a gift, but you’ll also get what you want.

•Online: Create your own wedding website.

Notify guests in the invitation that all information about the wedding can be found on your site and include reference to the gift list there. It’s a little less direct but the information will be clear once they visit your site.

•Scope: Remember to include lots of different-priced gifts, as guests will differ in what they want to contribute.


Zankyou lets you create the wedding list of your dreams.

It allows couples to register for honeymoon activities, a dream project or charitable donation, as well as household goods and more.

 With this List you can:-

1.Receive contributions from your list into your personal bank account , giving you the freedom to use the money where and when you want.

When you’d like to receive the money, just request a transfer and we’ll send the funds to your bank account!

2.Create any kind of gift. The only limit is your imagination. List stages of your honeymoon, like diving with the sharks in Cape Town, donations to your favourite charity or simply add gifts from our catalogue of cool gift ideas.

3.Receive email alerts each time you receive a gift and check your account any time via your Zankyou control panel.

Manage your account balance, place transfer orders, view status of payments and transfer history with no hassle.

4. Guests, both local and international, will receive the best service with your list accessible in 8 languages and the ability to pay for gifts from anywhere in the world.

They can pay over the phone, wire transfers, check or by credit card using our secure site.

5.Their services are affordable.  Zankyou’s wedding list service has the best rates on the market at 2.85%. If you find a better rate, they will match it!


Its always a bit of a concern to couples how to broach this subject so thank you so much to Zankyou for sharing their tips.


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