Is my Wedding Blogworthy enough ?…When Love should be the Detail..

Today I would really like to focus on something that has been sadly lacking in the Blogosphere and that is “When love should be the Detail”

 When Love should be the Detail...karen massey photography


Personally I hate the term Blogworthy Wedding…..Why should Brides think is  MY Wedding Blogworthy enough?

As Wedding Bloggers we are here to inspire, educate, inform, and share BUT what gives anyone the right to judge someones special day and what is acceptable for a Blog post and what is not?

Most Bloggers have niches and they will accept submissions that fit that niche and are very clear about the criteria they adhere to..

But the issue comes that even if something fits that niche, if it isn’t detail filled enough, it is sometimes judged as not worthy to feature.

Personally I find it sad to think that a Bride who has put herself out there in submitting her special day is turned down and some Photographers just won’t submit their work anymore as they are downcast with rejections from Blogs.

Imagine being that person who puts herself out there with their most precious of days, saying “I hope these are Blogworthy” and gets turned down.

Or the photographer who even with exceptional skill and an eye for capturing the sentimentality, the feeling of the day is turned away as its ” just not right” and not the right content.

As an example a designer gown, a statement headpiece or beautiful stationery may be stunning to look at but true meaning comes from seeing a smile, a shared emotion…true happiness.

When someone comes to a couples Big Day they may be wowed a bit by things included, but 9 times out of 10 what they will remember was “didn’t they look happy!

Personally the criteria I have is great photography, some personal touches and most important of all attainability of those reading to achieve what they are seeing.

I like to focus on the stories and whilst  a submission that is detail heavy is always welcome, its not a pre-requisite.

If I turn down a Wedding then its is more likely to be a Photography issue but this does not happen often.

To give an example of two weddings I have featured, one has quite a bit of detail, the other not so much, both by the same photographer.

Both are beautiful in their own special way and both perfectly capture whats important to the couple.

The detail that is most important to me is LOVE.

A Wedding isn’t just an expensive party, its a celebration of two people being joined forever, and their Wedding should be a reflection of them, not just a trend.

Sometimes we need the insight to see beyond the glamour, beyond the controversial, beyond the fluff and see whats important to real people, real Brides, real couples.

Sometime earlier in the year there can only be what can be described as a furore over a certain image captured by a Photographer on the Wedding morning.

There was much disagreement over the place it had in a Wedding or indeed a Blog post.

The point that should be made though was even though it wasn’t a creative project, stunning floristry or a beautiful Wedding Gown it was a detail that was important.

It was an image of a staircase where people had walked, kids had grown up, lovers fell in love and it was a moment captured in time in the early part of a Wedding day that held beautiful memories.

This detail meant an indescribable amount to the people whose Wedding images it was but since it didn’t seem to the “Detail Criteria” not everyone could appreciate it.

Going off in a seperate tangent completely (but with some reason attached) – recently on the X Factor there was much talk about performances being stripped back, and less focus being on the showy aspect,.

On Social Media there was much debate about this and to focus on what the show ultimately was about…Singing and the performers voice .

This in itself can be applied to  blogged Weddings in that sometimes its nice to share something that is stripped back but is still beautiful in the meaningful moments it relays.

We have to love what we post, we have to believe in what we post…

For many their Blog plays a big part in making a living so of course we want to show the best we can but we also have to be concious of crushing someones spirit and that is a very fine line…

To wrap things up, all love is special and should be celebrated as such. I find it completely horrifying that someone should be made to feel that their day wasn’t, to quote a friend,  “special enough”

As I have said before there are many blogs that play to specific niche. I prefer to be open to all, BUT I respect everyone elses specific likes, and each Bride will gravitate to what is her comfort zone.

There are many different types of Brides/couples and while one Blog may not be someones cup of tea there will be another that will.

There is enough pressure in life already for the perfect job, perfect body…I could go on[ (usually media and family driven)… and to emulate celebrities.

Styled photoshoots and glossy or endlessly crafted Weddings have their place, and I shall agree WILL inspire but balance is needed.

We have a social responsibility as Bloggers to nurture  and help find the dream but not increase someones expectations so much that it gets far too overwhelming or leave people feeling what they have done or are doing is not quite on par.

What would be refreshing is if Love in its simplicity sometimes shone through just a wee bit more as otherwise it just misses the point……


Image Credit – Karen Massey Photography


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    With all due respect, but I know you’ve never featured weddings I’ve sent you (even though you requested it), and I’m aware of others who’s work you’ve turned down due to lack of detail.

    To be honest, I’ve had my work published – and turned down – by different blogs, and I’m comfortable with it provided that the blogger is upfront, honest and open. It’s the lack of honesty, the lack of responses, and the lack of openness that deter me – and others – from “trying again” with particular blogs, and can create a bad reputation faster than you can say “blogworthy”.

    I’d be grateful if you could explain how this sits with your post – is your plan to go forward with accepting – and blogging – all submissions? Will you create a “criteria” and be open about that on your blog?

    1. Reply

      With respect, that is totally untrue
      One of your Weddings is featured here
      I have also featured your work on 2 photoshoots, the first tweeet up and a profile feature on your Business.
      The last time I requested something from you I was turned down.
      With complete respect I am very open and if you don’t get a response from me which I find hard to believe you know me well enough to pick me up on it which you havent.

  2. Reply

    I find it very hard to believe that Alison would ever not reply to someone unless it was spam. She has got to be the most likeable and kindest person I have conversed with in the wedding industry over the last 4 years.

  3. Reply

    Nope, it’s not. You requested a Vegas themed post-wedding party, and you never featured it. I don’t think it’s my role to chase-up bloggers for not using work to feature on their blogs, as I do have other things to do with my time with regards to running my business.

    To clarify – I didn’t turn you down for featuring the wedding either – I simply pointed out that there were other photographers ahead of the queue who I felt deserved the respect of having their work blogged after you’d requested it over a month prior.

    1. Reply

      With respect I have a life too and children and a Business outside the Blog to run and I can only do what is humanly possible without half killing myself.

      If someone has to wait just a wee while longer I am sorry but I’m only human.

      Family and my clients come first and then I have responsibility to my sponsors too.

  4. Reply

    I’ll second that Teresa.

    With regard to ‘blogworthy’ – I can’t imagine how someone would feel to be told that – but in my very limited experience, the most moving weddings are the ones with a bit of a back-story, and weddings, to me, represent the ultimate ‘and they lived happily ever after.

    One example is a bride this year who wanted her accessories to be replicas of the wild flower her fiance gave her when he proposed. The story of the proposal, together with the huge excitement and the blindingly obvious love involved, including moving countries to be together, was one of the nicest things I’ve ever been lucky enough to be involved in.

    I very much doubt that her wedding would be considered ‘blogworthy’ to many, but then to be quite honest I doubt that in her obvious bubble of happiness she wouldn’t care a bit.

    When I look at ‘real’ weddings on blogs and in magazines, the love story is just, and if not more, important than the ‘details’ and how ‘unique’ everything is.

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    […] its just nice to get back to love as the detail and share simple, beautiful photography so  I am thrilled to share the secret Christmas Wedding of […]

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