“Lets get Real” – Bridal Make Up expectations

Today I am thrilled to talk to Make Up expert Claire Bowring about Bridal Make Up expectations.

Claire is a makeup artist specialising in bridal, editorial & commercial, special occasions & makeup lessons.

She is also a Tea drinker, vintage lover, eyeliner wearer,  and a qualified beauty therapist.


claire bowring, bridal make up


Claire has loved make up ever since she was a little girl and this is all thanks to her Mum.

She grew up watching her putting on her Rimmel blue frosted eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick, and was absolutely captivated by the ritual.

All those pots and potions to play with, it was like a bag full of magic and she  couldn’t wait to have my very own lipsticks, powders and brushes.


She gained an ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Media and Theatrical Make up from West Thames College and was hugely fortunate to be trained by award winning tutor Julia Towend and BAFTA award winner Sheelagh Wells.

More recently she trained at the Bath Academy of Media Makeup to keep her skills up to date.

She also trained as a beauty therapist, and I’m NVQ, City & Guilds and VCTC qualified.

She has worked with Elemis, Caudalie, Ren, Phytomer and Bare Minerals and has a real passion for skincare.


I pass you over to Claire to get some realistic advice on Bridal Make Up and the expectations we have….


“Feeling the pressure of being the Bride? Let’s get real!”

“You’ve got the dress, you’ve pinned countless images on pinterest onto your hair and makeup board and now you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the need to look absolutely perfect on your wedding day.”

“This is the biggest day of your life and all eyes are on you..no pressure then!”


“So let’s get realistic with your bridal make up.”

“As a makeup artist I can make you look the best you will ever look, it’s your wedding day so if you can’t look fabulous on this day, when can you.”

“Have aspirations for your make up, aim high, but be realistic about what can be achieved.”

“Choose makeup styles that you love, it could be the lip colour or the eyeshadow, or it could be the whole feel of the image.”

You can then really fine tune it when it comes to discussing what you want from your makeup artist.


“I love looking at images, as its great for me to see what kind of style you like.”

“We all have that one celebrity that we’d love to look like (yep, me included!) and it’s great to take inspiration from their look and style and have something to aspire to.”

“It’s your wedding day and you will look like that celebrity.”

“You’ve got all your images of amazing makeup you’ve studied your celebrity in magazines and you’re all set to look like her on your wedding day.”

“We’ve all done it, turned up at the hairdressers clutching a photo of your new hairstyle.”

Its Kate Hudson, her long luscious blonde hair, curled in such a beautiful way, cascading down her back, yep that’s the look for me.

“Oh wait, hang on, you’re a brunette and you have a bob. (I know I’m exaggerating slightly)”

“Your hairdresser looks at you, represses a groan and then gently directs you to another hairstyle that will suit you.”


“The trouble with these ‘red carpet’ photos is that they are just that, red carpet.”

“The makeup is heavier than day to day makeup, you don’t see the false lashes in the photo or the clever contouring on the cheeks, to you it looks fresh and natural.”

“The magazine photos we all see (and love) have clever lighting applied, photographic makeup which is heavier and even filters on the camera.”

“I can sculpt in cheekbones, but I can’t actually make new ones for you!”

“I can make your lips look fuller, but if you’re looking for a natural look, going outside your natural lip line isn’t quite going to win you over, unless you want that kind of look?!”

“I can enhance, highlight and cover up, but I cannot morph you into your favourite celebrity, much as you’d like me to!”


“What I can do it work with what YOU have. Bring out YOUR best features.”

“That’s the special part – it’s about you – so take the spotlight and enjoy it – it’s your day and you have what you want.”


“Don’t get too caught up in ‘bridal’ make up.”

“Its makeup – for you – on your wedding day.”

“It will still be you underneath and you need to feel comfortable in it – just like your dress.”

“Don’t listen to other people too much, go with what feels right for you.”


My top tips to help you with Bridal Make Up:


* Gather images of your aspirational make up

* Think about what you want from your bridal make up – natural, dewy, glossy (I could go on!)

* What you DON’T like – very important!

* Consider your dress and hairstyle when thinking about  bridal make up, it should all fit seamlessly together

* Chat with your makeup artist and I mean, really chat – take advice, but ultimately it’s your makeup, so you need to feel happy with it

* Don’t do anything that makes you feel like another person – I can recreate the celebrity makeup you love – but it will still be you under the makeup


“You want to feel like you, just the best ever version, you know that polished one and you’ll want to see ‘you’ before the makeup.”


Bridal make up should look effortless, subtle and defined and not contrived.”

“And if you feel like a film star at the end of it, well my work is done.”



Bridal Make Up,  Claire Bowring

 Bridal Make Up,  Claire Bowring

 Bridal Make Up, Claire Bowring

wedding magazine, blue fizz events, claire bowring, bridal make up , Keith Riley Photography

Blue Fizz events, claire bowring, bridal make up, the vintage wedding photographer, wed magazine



Thank you so much to Claire for sharing her Bridal make up expertise, and tips.

It can be so confusing as a Bride what look to go for, and sometimes as Claire says with celebrities we create unrealistic images in our heads.

While we want to look our very best its important that the person we love can still see the person they love too.

So enhancing our natural beauty is what is so important for a Wedding day.


To Contact Claire Bowring

Website: http://www.clairebowring.co.uk/

Email: info@clairebowring.co.uk

Phone: 07879 220603

Blog: http://www.clairebowring.co.uk/category/blog/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClaireBowring

Pinterest: http://gb.pinterest.com/clairebowring/



Image Credits

Image 2/Auburn Hair – Bella West

Image 5/Bride looking down – Keith Riley Photography (Feature for Wed Magazine)

Image 6/Beehive/taxi bride  – The Vintage Wedding Photographer (Feature for Wed Magazine)

All other images taken by friends of Brides.



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    Fabulous tips and advice on being you on your big day. The pressure is on to make it perfect and remembering to bring out the best in yourself for your big day is a lovely reminder. After all the husband to be is marrying you for you being you, isn’t he!

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