Love Really is All Around – What “Love Actually” can teach us !

The other evening I watched one of my favourite movies “Love Actually”

Its one of those movies that you can slip into like comfy slippers at any point and it will warm your soul.

I initially saw the movie with my fiance at the time, and we both loved it so much that we used some of the movie music for our Wedding.

We came back down the aisle after signing the Register to the PM’s Theme.

love actually - relationship advice - Image - wyron

But watching it made me think how the relationships in the movie can apply to us all…

Cherish those we love as they can be taken too soon… This has been brought home to me with my own health dramas.

I am fine BUT sometimes people aren’t and those we love can be gone in the blink of an eye…Cherish them.

love actually - relationship advice - Image - Matius Rengel

Life may not be a so called fairy tale all the time, but to have that person who has your back and is “your person” IS the fairytale.

Never ever take loved ones for granted or look the other way because something all flashy and new looks more exciting.

Trust is a fragile thing, and once its gone its so hard to get back.


Know that there is someone out there for all of us.

I was an unrequited love with someone for years and he didn’t even know I existed in that way [family friend], but I did get over it.

Just when you think all is lost along comes someone who was completely not what what you were looking for but turns out to be totally right.

They can be something you don’t expect or imagine suiting you, but if its right, its right and sometimes you have to take a chance on happiness.

love actually - relationship advice - Image - Ali Yahya

Never underestimate the power of young love…… It might not be about passion but the feeling can be just as strong.

The airport scene with the young lad Sam running to his Joanna kills me every single time!!!

love actually - relationship advice image - Brittney Burnett

And just to finish and due to my personal thoughts that the country would be in a much better state with Hugh Grant as PM, is the man himself and his wiggle…


The overwhelming moral of the story is be open to love, its out there, if its meant to be, it will……

And when you have it, don’t waste your chance of happiness……it is a beautiful thing.

Love really is all around….


Image Credits (Unsplash)

Pic 1: Wyron Pic 2: Matius Rengel Pic 3: Ali Yahya Pic 4: Brittney Burnett


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