Making your Wedding flowers personal to your Big Day

Today I would like to welcome Concept Flowers who share their advice on how to make your Wedding Flowers personal to your Big Day.

Concept Flowers is an an Award Winning Floristry business based in Christchurch, Dorset.

The business is run and owned by Master Florist, Lauren, and covers Dorset and Hampshire providing bespoke, personal florals for all occasions.


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Lauren shares the benefits of her experience….


“Flowers are one of the aspects of planning your wedding that for most of the brides I have dealt with I have found they either look forward to with anticipation because they know their blooms, or that they dread because in their words “I’m not really a flowery person”

“The latter is something I hear a lot, and I think that is due more to education rather than preference.”

“There is a flower for everyone and every meaning out there, you just need to work together with your florist to find the one for you!”

“At Concept flowers I believe in delivering a personal service, from start to finish, and if there is a way of bringing a bit of your personality or meaning into your flowers then let’s go for it.”

“My business is not one which churns out the same handtied of rose’s week in week out.”

“My business is one which believes in providing something different for each client to meet each ones exacting requirements.”

“Flowers and their meanings of the meaning of flowers were perhaps once looked upon as quite an old-fashioned thing to consider when deciding upon your floral choices.”

“Back In the old days, flowers had secret meanings, lovers would send flowers as a coded message to each other, rather than within letters, and flowers were a way of using symbols and gestures to communicate for many different occasions, especially within weddings, specifically the bridal bouquet.”

“But what with the revival (that seems to be standing firm) of vintage, it is perhaps more relevant to florists now than ever before, and another unique selling point that could go down well with your potential clientele.”

“There are flowers for your birth month, national flowers of your country, flowers with meanings, and non-surprisingly the colours of the chosen flowers also hold certain connotations too.”

“Victoria’s dictionary of flowers is a great article to find out more or use as a reference – Language of Flowers.

“However although a vast selection of flowers hold a meaning, when one may be driven more to the meaning of the flower it can mean using flowers outside of their seasonal availability which is always a quick fire way of driving up a cost of bouquet which is always something bearing in mind.”

“But there are SO many ways to make a bouquet personal other than just with the meaning behind flowers, sometimes even the smallest touch, from the inclusion of specific flowers, accessories or decoratively wrapping and finishing off the handle with brooches or lockets can be that extra personal touch needed to make your flowers unique.”

“How about this one as an example, a Bride, Donna requested one singular red rose within her bouquet, a personal reminder of her late father. but with a colour scheme of pink, the important design question was how to include the rose without it effecting or ruining the overall look of the design.”

“Below you can see a top view of the bouquet and the side profile, with the rose hidden only for the bride to see, and the inclusion of pink rhinestone horseshoe details to the handle to reflect the bride and grooms love of their horses. A horseshoe was also added to the grooms buttonhole!”


concept flowers, bridal bouquet

concept flowers, bridal bouquet


“For Sarah’s bouquet,  she was willing to let me have free creative reign when it came to her bouquet, the only personal and specific thing it had to include was butterflies and the colours of navy blue.”

“As all florists feel, navy blue and blue flowers in general, can always be a bit more tricky when it comes to suggestions for the bride.”

“If you’ve chosen blue I’d suggest to be open to using different shades of blue to compliment and not necessarily colour match the shade of blue you have chosen, Or go down the route that Sarah did.”

“Incorporate decorative accessories to introduce the colour scheme into your flowers whilst making it personal.”


sarahs design, concept flowers, bridal bouquet


christmas bridal bouquet, concept flowers

kasia walsh photography, bridal bouquet, concept flowers

kasia walsh photography, bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet, concept flowers


Thanks so much to Lauren for sharing her knowledge and guiding readers on how Brides can ensure their Wedding Flowers not only look beautiful but say something about them and their personality.


To Contact Concept Flowers



Phone: 07933715461




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