Marriage Goals ~ Growing Older Together

It was once said that one of the greatest things in life is to love, and be loved in return and to that end we should make it one of our marriage goals to be the people that make that a lifelong commitment.

Today I share a few thoughts and the story of Arthur and Lil, an amazing couple who are 65 years married.

Images were captured by Ruth Tommey Kellett of RTK Photography


Nobody says that marriage is always going to be always rosy.

Life can be tremendously hard sometimes and throw an unlimited number of situations into the mix  – family problems, job issues, financial instability, illness, bereavement and sometimes walking away seems the easiest thing.

All too often too we hear stories of people snatched away in the prime of their lives who don’t get the chance to celebrate their golden years together.

Life in that instance isn’t fair at all so we owe it to ourselves and we owe it to love to try to make our special people feel special every single day even when its really hard.

I’m not niave enough to see that it can happen with everyone, sometimes relationships just aren’t right and can’t be saved, however its a really beautiful thought to be one of those couples that endure through hardship and whose love grows and strengthens through time.


I hand over to Ruth to tell the couples story…


“What an absolute honour it was to be asked if I did Wedding Anniversary Photography and more so to capture a special couple celebrating 65 Years.”

“Meet Arthur and Lil who had just received Best Wishes from HRH Queen Elizabeth II.”

“As a wedding photographer based in the North West, I consider myself very fortunate because I get to photograph so many couples and share the biggest day of their lives.”

“The excitement, romance, love and affection I witness each wedding day is truly amazing and nothing can
compare…. or so I thought until I met Arthur and Lil.”


“When I was asked if I did Wedding Anniversary Photography, I immediately thought it would be a Golden or perhaps a Ruby celebration with a big party, lots of people, balloons etc.”

“Their son Paul said its actually 65 Years and they were just having a private, low key family meal.”

“He simply wanted me to capture his mum and dad in the comfort of their own home, where they spend their days and
where they have lived for decades.”

“The photos would be something the whole family would be able to keep and treasure forever.”

“To me, this was intimate and very personal and I immediately said yes.”


“I arrived a few days after the Wedding Anniversary.”

“I was greeted by two big smiles, two hugs and was made to feel welcome straightaway.”

“No sooner as I sat, offered my congratulations and introduced myself, all became clear.”

“This was a very special couple indeed, with love, romance and affection spanning nearly 7 decades – truly admirable and a real inspiration.”


“Arthur and Lil met after World War II in 1948 and during their summer holidays hop picking in a field.”

“Their romance blossomed quickly, they enjoyed a wonderful courtship and they married 3 years later.”

“They went on to have three sons and one daughter and they are now very proud grandparents of eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren whom they love and adore dearly.”

“We talked about their marriage which they explained hadn’t been without its ups and downs.”

“With lots of patience, compromise, love and companionship, 65 years on, they are clearly inseparable, very happy and still live a wonderful life together.”


“To reach this magnificent milestone of 65 years of marriage and also to receive best wishes from HRH Queen Elizabeth II is inspirational.”

“I sincerely hope one day I get to relive the time I spent with Arthur and Lil – to kiss, smile and hold hands with my wonderful husband and read our 65th Wedding Anniversary card from our Monarch.”

It was a true honour to meet Arthur and Lil and photograph them on this special occasion.”

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We can only hope to be as lucky as this wonderful couple and making marriage goals before you even enter into it is important.

I think a true marriage is where you are each others partners in life, you are your own tag team and support.

You share a common understanding and respect and a love that can defy anything.

This means you are 100% committed to each other with no regrets of what could have, should have or would have been.


Marriage is a huge commitment, and a huge change in any persons life, its most definetely much more than the Wedding which is just an occasion (a grand one, but an occasion nonetheless).

It means being there for each other after all the initial lovey dovey honeymoon period has passed by, and life happens.

It means finding common ground whilst nourishing each others individuality, but being supportive of each other at the same time.

Marriage is about love…..and being together whoever you are, and whatever choices in life you may make.

Together in love you are a formidable force and its a true blessing to be able to share that.


*Edited to add – Arthur recently passed away and we are so sorry for Lil’s loss.

May the memories of many glorious years together sustain her at this sad time….


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