Money Saving Marriage Tips – Ways to Save Money on your Big Day

I was approached by Money Supermarket to bring together some tips on how to save money on your Big Day so I present my Money Saving Marriage tips.

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Weddings and celebrations can be an expensive business, but there are many ways where you can cut some cost, without comprimising on quality.

Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean that your event is any less grand or any less special, it just means you need to do your homework.

First rule of business is you must decide your budget and stick to it where humanly possible.

Decide what elements of your celebration are most important to you as these are where you should budget prioritise.

I have been married for nearly 9 years, and wasn’t in the Wedding Industry then so wasn’t privy to all the knowledge I have now.

I would probably do some things a wee bit differently, but we did things the way we wanted and came through our day with no debt at all.

The ways I saved were that I made our table plan, I made up poem scrolls and sweetie bags and bought little notebooks  in bulk in the Next Sale for favours. I wote little messages for our guests as a reminder of our day.

I used the Glasgow City Council flower service for a great deal of floristry with a very reasonable price tag, and I bought Bridesmaid gowns on sale.

Our Venue wasn’t fancy but it was spacious and held a rocking party with good food and great company and my Wedding Cake was from Marks and Spencers.

Would I change it…maybe some stuff but not a lot as our day was special for the people that celebrated with us and the incredible memories and lasting relationship that has come from it.


Personally here are some of my Money Saving Marriage tips and ways you can save a few pennies,


1. To start I share my most important tip and that is never ever compromise on your Wedding Photographer.

You can make savings on most other aspects of your Wedding Day but  these are your memories, get the best one you can afford.

2. Always, always, always get wedding insurance.  It will be the best £50-100 you will ever spend, especially in this economic climate.

When so many businesses are folding, you really don’t want to be dealing with the stress of Venue or supplier failure in the run up to your day.

A site such as Compare Wedding Insurance can help you choose the best Policy for your needs.

3. Consider a long engagement.  This gives you time to save up for best day for your Budget.

4. Subscribe to wedding or party planning forums,  where like minded cash savvy people will share their tips on saving the pennies.

5. Book suppliers as far as you can in advance to get offered “This years prices”.

This might not always work though as you have to take the chance, especially in this economic climate that suppliers will cut prices.

6. Consider a midweek or Sunday wedding  as  this can work out a little cheaper than a Friday or Saturday event.

Know the kind of Venue you want and shortlist and view and watch out for any discounts they can offer simply for the day of week or out of main wedding season dates. Even some of the best venues do Groupon deals.

Consider Venues that you may not have considered as Weddingy but are a blank canvas such as church, town or community halls and that will have more budget concious hire charges.

7. Look out for Sample Sales and seasonal Sales at your favourite Bridal boutiques, where you could get your chosen Designer dress for less.

Many high street retailers however now offer beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaids if you are on a strict budget – BHS, Debenhams, Monsoon, Coast and Phase Eight.

These retailers also stock fantastic party wear suitable for your Bridesmaids and you can also consider looking under Prom Dress suppliers.

For the boys, when hiring kilts and suits for weddings, ask for details of discounts for multiple hire.

Most retailers do this ie. Hire 5 and Groom goes free.

6. Ask a friend that is great at make up to do yours for your party or big day or heavily research all local companies that do this professionally.

You could even consider having a Make Up lesson that may work out slightly cheaper so that you are able to do your own if you are confident in doing that.

7. Book that special holiday or honeymoon through an Independant travel advisor rather that the high street chains, thus avoiding some overheads, with a company such as Travel Counsellors.

8. If you have time and are crafty, consider making your own stationary or decoration for your Wedding.

Hobbycraft  is the creative person’s Mecca and  can be a  goldmine for those wanting to lessen their budget and inject something more personal to them.

Country baskets is also the UK’s largest wholesaler of floral supplies, silk flowers, pottery, glassware and, of course, baskets and is an outstanding DIY resource.

However you have to factor into the time cost to you, it may be fun making the first 10 invitations or so but you have to invest your time heavily so to some it may become a chore.

This also applies to decoration. There are multitudes of free printables you can get on the net and hundreds of DIY tutorials  to help you make something handmade.

From a decor point of view  Ebay, Amazon and Ikea can also be brilliant for finding little additions to your Venue decoration that are extremely cost effective.

9. From a food point of view Supermarkets now offer celebration cakes that can be customised for your event with your colours and theme.

You can also consider having a buffet or hog roast as an alternative to the traditional wedding breakfast.

Getting a caterer in can work out cheaper but as with everything, consider several different companies to find something to suit your needs.

10. Make your own flower arrangements. Some florists now offer floristry classes or DIY tutorials to help you create your Wedding look, but remember the time cost to you in the few days before your day with having to source fresh blooms and create arrangements.

Check out flower wholesalers to source your flowers for a little less.

Consider silk flowers, as these can work out a little cheaper and last long after the day.

On the day ask a friend  to move your flowers from ceremony to reception to cut down on costs in decorating multiple locations.

When many ceremonies are reasonably short, it seems a waste to leave flowers where they are in theory wasted. Moving them will allow you to enjoy them all day.


Now I was asked for a list of 10 but I’m on a roll so here is just a few more wee tips to save on the day,


– Cut the Guest List, have the people there that are really important to you, not the people that others think you should have. Every additional person bumps up the Budget.

– Ask a friend with a luxury or quirky car to drive you, VW camper vans are very “in”  and which groom doesn’t want to be James Bond with an Aston Martin.

If you are lucky enough to know anyone with a Vintage Car  then all the better.

– Utilise Wedding magazine budget planners and keep track of your spending on a spreadsheet so ensure you keep within the Budget.

– Consider hiring a wedding planner whose job is to get you the best at the best prices and within your budget and who will actually save you time and money.

A lot of people have the preconceived idea that a planner is a unnecessary expense but a planner works to your personal Budget and the savings and discounts they can get you will mainly cover their fee.


I hope these tips are of help to you and Congratulations and Best wishes for a beautiful Wedding and an incredible future together.


If you are on a tight budget and planning a wedding (or still have great memories of your wedding planning days), Money Supermarket would love to hear from you  and give you the opportunity to enter their Money-saving Marriage competition.

As well as being in with a chance of winning one of four fantastic prizes, you will be given the satisfying opportunity to pass on your money-saving advice to other cash-strapped couples soon to be going up the aisle – Details HERE.


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