Pets at Weddings: How to include your Animal friend in your Big Day

Today we talk pets at Weddings and how to include your animal friend into your Big Day.

The majority of us have a four legged friend. A cat, a dog, or even more exotic pets!

They are a major part of our lives and a full time commitment, and some pets mean even more to their owners than humans do

So when it comes to your special day why shouldn’t you include them?


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I welcome Linzi Barford of “that black and white cat” who shares some upsides, and some downsides of including our pets at Weddings..

For the purposes of the Blog the advice concentrates on cats and dogs, however, the same principles do apply to other pets.


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Now let’s deal with the potential downsides first…

*Behaviour – Of course, not an issue with a well-trained dog but if yours are anything like my Dad’s Labradors they’d be jumping up the whole wedding party!

So think about where and when you want the photos taken and adapt it to your pet.

Unless your pet is sociable, taking photos beforehand with the bride, or, after the ceremony with the bride and groom might be the best option.

*Muddy paws – A total ‘no no’ with your gorgeous wedding dress (unless your dog is joining your ‘trash the wedding dress’ shoot – now that’s an interesting idea!).

*Patience – Depending on the photogenic mood of your pet it may take a while to get the right shot.

Make sure you schedule lots of time if you are taking the shots on your wedding day to minimise the stress.

*Practicalities – It’s often not practical to have your pets around for the whole wedding day.

So arrange for a friend (or a dog walker if you use them) to look after them and take back to their home for the night.


brown dog, that black and white cat wedding planning, pets at weddings


If you can get around those, the upsides can give you some amazing photos with your best four-legged friend…

*Work out in advance the shots you might like. There are lots of options…

Your cats with your engagement or wedding rings.

All paws and hands together taken from above.

As you take your vows sitting next to you both.

*Allow your dog to be your ‘four legged’ best man or even your ring bearer.

*Consider matching accessories to your theme, for example, a new collar, a bow tie, flower garland, …… (make sure it’s comfortable).

It’s worth setting up a pre wedding shoot with your pets as it can take the stress out of the day itself.

Of course, if you want photos in your full wedding attire this is not usually an option.

So where this is the case, try and take some shots in advance to get your pets comfortable.

Involve them in your wedding rehearsal for example. And always check your venue will let your pets in!


rabbit on hands of the bride, pets at weddings, that black and white cat wedding planning


At the end of the day it goes without saying only do whatever you and your four legged friend is happy with.


that black and white cat’ is an East Midlands based bespoke wedding planner and events co-ordinator who embrace being different.

Linzi and Seb are the team behind the Brand and you can find out more here

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They bear the load while you enjoy getting married (or party!)


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