Planning a Destination Wedding – Tips on how to make your money go further abroad

Today I would like to share some great tips with regards to making your money go further when planning a Destination Wedding.

With the average wedding in the UK costing around £18,200 many couples are considering getting married abroad to reduce the cost.


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Kuoni reported their most popular destinations for a wedding is Sri Lanka thanks to its five star luxury at great value, closely followed by the USA, Mauritius and Italy.

The cost of a wedding abroad will vary dramatically depending on where you travel and the size of your wedding.

If you plan to incorporate your wedding into a holiday with just the two of you travelling the cost can be minimal.

Basic wedding packages can be purchased for relatively little and in some case are free with a holiday.

If you want guests to attend your wedding costs will increase but are still manageable.

There are many companies out there that can organise your wedding for you.

They can help you to ensure that you meet all of the specific requirements of that country in order to get married and obtain the wedding licenses etc.

This can be particularly helpful if you do not speak the local language.

It will be cheaper to organise a wedding yourself but you must be ready to commit more time to the planning and research.


Paying for a destination wedding…

My expertise does not lie on planning a wedding abroad but I can help you with saving money when paying it!

Hopefully my words of wisdom can help you to cut the cost of transferring your money to pay for your wedding and give you more funds to help you achieve your dream destination wedding.

Unless you are booking your wedding with a firm based in the UK you will need to pay for the wedding by debit/credit card, PayPal or by wire transfer.

You will be charged each time you make a payment via Debit or Credit card and these costs can be avoided by making a wire transfer via a regulated money transfer company based in the UK.

Your bank will also offer this service but they can charge anywhere from £15 to £40 for each transaction which can really add up if you are paying numerous beneficiaries such as caterers, a local photographer, venue hire, a florist etc.

Many money transfer companies will transfer your money for free at a far better exchange rate which could end up saving you a few hundred pounds on the overall cost of your wedding.

At Compare Currency you can find more information on money transfer providers in the UK.


Before you travel….

Please don’t leave buying your travel money until the last minute.

Airport bureau de Changes are notorious for offering poor exchange rates.

The best rates are available online, simply search for the best provider, order online and get your travel money delivered to your home address or arrange branch or airport collection.

The average couple exchanging £1,000 into Euros will receive between 50 and 80 more Euros through buying their currency online.

This is a BIG difference that can pay for a romantic meal whilst you are away, and isn’t it a better idea to take time to pre-plan and be able to enjoy yourself.


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Written by Victoria Kingston a currency expert at the leading online money transfer and travel money comparison website.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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