Plans and Presents Tips for Wedding Calm

Today I want to share just a few tips to maintain your Wedding Calm and the natural serenity you know you have but the word “Wedding” can obliterate in 30 seconds.






When you set the date, sit down with your partner and talk about each other’s visions of your special day.
It helps if you are both on the same page from the start.

So many times in planning, other peoples idea’s, attitudes, wants come in to it but it is YOUR DAY, and you should have it as YOU want it, so make sure you stick together.

A lot of time this comes down to money , especially with financial help from
relatives. Set boundaries as financial help with strings leads to a lot of stress.

Set a budget, money is usually one of the biggest wedding stressors.

Try to stick to that budget, with a small  contingency fund if possible, to cope with unexpected expense.

Keep remembering why you are doing it in the first place.

Matching napkins are there for one day only, your partner is for life.

Look after yourself, planning a wedding as well as handling a job and a home can be a big strain on you.

Eat well, drink lots of water, take a vitamin if you think you need it and have a one night a week just to concentrate on you – a nice bubble bath, manicure, painting the nails, put on a facemask, read a soppy romance, watch a movie.

Take time out from the planning to have date nights to keep that magic alive.

Try to remember that there are no problems, only solutions.

Sometimes, even the best laid  plans can go wrong, that’s  just the nature of the wedding planning.  Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you.

Wedding Insurance is the silver lining to anything that may cloud your dream of a perfect day and I can’t recommend it highly enough.




If  by some unfortunate circumstance, something does go seriously wrong, try to keep calm, have someone prepared in advance who can handle any kind of Wedding Planning emergency and let them handle the problem at hand.
For example , your bridesmaid or wedding planner.

Remember that your Wedding Day is supposed to be a day of great joy and something to remember and cherish for the right reasons.
Don’t let any minor issues cloud your happiness.

Being in front of lots of people can sometimes be overwhelming. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply for a few minutes and remember everyone is there to celebrate your happiness, and then go get married.

A Wedding Day can sometimes become all about the guests with constant rounds of  Thank You’s and seeing relatives you haven’t seen in years.

Try and take a little time out with your Partner, maybe just a few minutes, to talk, get some air,  and just be together , savouring the special moments.

I hope these simple tips help you in some small way to maintain that Wedding Calm and ensure the wonderful Wedding Day you have planned.


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