Popping the Question: A 5 Step Guide to Proposing In Style

This afternoon I am delighted to share a short guide on things to think about when proposing to the one you love.

Asking somebody to marry you is the most important question you will ever pose, and will surely be a moment that both of you will remember for the rest of your lives.

In light of this, a proposal should not be ad-hoc. The most successful and most romantic of proposals are those well thought out and planned, and which show consideration both to your own feelings and the feelings of the person you hope to make your fiancée.

If you are planning to pop the question, but don’t know how to make sure the moment is as special as you want it to be, then you are in luck.

Here is a five step guide to proposing with both romance and style, helping to make sure that special moment is as perfect as it possibly can be.


Readying the ring

There are some situations were it is acceptable to propose without a ring, but generally it is a good idea to have the ring to hand when you pop the question.

It can be more romantic, and it also makes your intent and level of thought extremely clear. If you propose without a ring, it may seem like your proposal is a spare-of-the-moment decision that you have not thought through or that you haven’t considered seriously.

The ring itself is almost important because your partner will be wearing it every day for the rest of their life. Because of this, you want to choose a ring they actually like and will be happy to wear forever.

Buying an extravagant ring is not a must, but a ring should always be beautiful and to the tastes of your partner. If you know they have a weakness for designer rings such as Mark Schneider rings, large diamonds or antique bands, then fulfil their dreams.

It can make the proposal that bit more spectacular.





Choosing a location

Choosing a location is an important step in the proposal planning process because the location can define a lot of the logistics.

How to present the ring, how to propose without setting off suspicions and how to stage the proposal itself all depend on the location of the proposal.

Think carefully about where you want this moment to go down: choose somewhere that either has actual value or sentimental value. From there, you can work on the details of the proposal itself.


Making it a special event

Everybody wants their proposal to be special, but special does not always mean expensive or extravagant.

If you want to, you can take your would-be fiancée to an expensive restaurant or do something dashing like a balloon ride.

However, there are also subtler ways to make an event special. Recreating your first date, proposing an a special date like their birthday or Christmas or even just doing something intimate like a home-cooked meal or a picnic can be special.

It is all about gauging what your partner likes best: if they’re a fan of big gestures and fine dining, then go down that route. If they are a bit simpler and more down-to-earth, then make your proposal fit those sensibilities.




Taking you partner’s feelings into account

If you are asking somebody to marry you, then chances are you are in a loving and committed relationship which is natural progressing to marriage.

None of that however guarantees that your partner will say yes. No matter what your feelings may be, your partner may feel that it is just not the right time or have some other worry holding him or her back.

For this reason, you might be wary of proposing to someone in a very public or extravagant way—it makes your partner turning you down either difficult or embarrassing.

Firstly, if your partner says no, then you have an audience for your disappointment.

Secondly (and perhaps more disappointingly), you partner could say yes while in the public eye and then renege in private. If your proposal is out of the blue, then perhaps a private proposal is more appropriate.


Finding the right words

The food or the location or the lighting at the end of the day are all just window-dressing for the main event: the actual proposal itself.

More important than any grand gesture are the words that you choose to make your actual proposal.

The words should come naturally and touch the obvious bases: talk about how much you love your partner, and how you want to be together for the rest of your life and make that commitment publicly in front of all of your loved ones.

If you know your partner as well as you should, finding the words should be easy.

The proposal doesn’t need to be particular poetic— you just need to speak from the heart.




NOTE: This is a Guest post by Georgia Webster. Georgia is a freelance writer and blogger who loves sharing her tips and advice on all things wedding relat


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