Relaunch of #AskMrsPandP Initiative

Does your Big Day need some CPR ? Do you need some Relationship TLC or does your Wedding Planning just need a Health Check then #AskMrsPandP.




Today I want to announce to relaunch the #AskMrsPandP initiative –  Something which I hope will help a lot of couples and ensure that they are on the right track with the planning of the day they want to have.

In the Wedding Planning industry I have seen several of my contemporaries launch their own initiatives to ask couples for their Wedding planning woes and answer them in the form of a Blog post which I think is a wonderful.

However basing myself on my Nursing past I thought it would be interesting to run a clinic where for one hour each Monday evening,  I would be available to answer any Wedding or Event related query.

If I can’t answer it within that time frame I would email personally within 24 hours.
[This would be much like the advice I would be able to give in a first Free client consultation.]

From the experience I have had in looking after people for a very long period of time I have learned that a person has to be looked at as a whole, now as a Scottish Wedding Planner the same applies.

So even if your Wedding  planning or Event Planning is going reasonably well but you are still feeling the strain I can even just be here as an ear to listen as well as to help practically.

So from next Monday, the 7th of January 2013 at 20.00 , I will be available for a 1 hour session on Twitter and Facebook.

My Twitter Profile is @MrsPandP and with your question use hashtag #AskMrsPandP.

Everyone is limited to one question regarding their Event.

If you wish to email me a question prior or during the Clinic time, or you wish to book a Free 1st Consultation to discuss your event – email


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