Something Old, Something New – Incorporating traditions & sayings into your Wedding Day

These days brides and grooms like to be unique and put their own spin on their day and that is something I wholeheartedly agree with, but I also feel there is still a place for traditions should you wish to incorporate them into your Wedding Day.

I love the Good Luck saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a sixpence in her shoe”.


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Traditions in weddings may come and go, but this is a wedding staple, and I think most brides try to incorporate each little part of it, even though they may think of more quirky and original ideas than their predessesors did back in Victorian Times.


The “something old” represents community and the bond between the bride and her family.

This could mean wearing a family heirloom such as a piece of jewellery, or using a vintage car.


The “something new” represents a wish of good luck, and signify’s new beginnings and the hope for a union that will last forever, and this is usually the Bride’s wedding gown.


The “something borrowed” is a way that family and friends can show support for the Bride.

Something borrowed from a happily married woman such as a watch or a veil extends that luck onto the Bride.


With the ” Something Blue” you can get a bit more creative, from blue shoes to blue nail varnish and for the very alternative bride blue hair.

But a simple way blue can be incorporated is in a Wedding Garter.


A sixpence is worn in the brides shoe , and it is traditionally a symbol of wealth, more so if the coin is placed in the Left shoe.


silver sixpence, wedding traditions, boux avenue


Its nice to incorporate traditions, but you can personalise your day any way you like, and make your own special touches as this is Your Day, and you should have it the way YOU want it.


Image Credits

Top (Old) – Triflerabbit Vintage  (New) – JLM Couture Gown

Bottom (Borrowed)  – Dream Veils (Blue) Rose and Aster Garter 


Silver Sixpence – Boux Avenue 



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