Styling the Seasons: Elevating Your Festive Decor for Wedding or Home

Today I am thrilled to bring you some wonderful advice on styling the seasons, and elevating your festive decor for wedding or home.

Valentina Ring is founder of The Stars Inside, a boutique styling and design company, and today she brings her own special brand of magic to the Blog…

The winter months are one of the most magical and picturesque times of year, from the winter solstice all the way to twinkling, icy snowfall.

When it comes to styling the season, it’s often the same colours and motifs that come to mind – but if you’re not afraid to think outside the box, and nod to the richness of the season, there’s much more to explore.

Here are my top four tips for elevating your festive decor to a look that feels contemporary, modern, and stylish – whether it’s for a Christmas-time wedding, a party, or the nooks of your home.

1. Inspire Your Palette

The hues that come to mind for festive styling are black and white, Christmas greens and reds, shades of metallics, and moody jewel tones.

Those are all well and good of course, but pastels, light neutrals, and pops of color do have their place in the coldest of the four seasons.

Consider: –

* Old-World Charm: steely blue, burnt blush, and a dull copper

* Painterly Pastels: mauve, blush, periwinkle, cornflower blue, mint and sherbet orange.

* Bold and Glossy: bright red and soft blushing pink.

* Moody Sky: shades of lilac and grey.

* Starry Winter: soft grey, deep charcoals, rich blues, and twinkling celestial patterns.

2. Embrace Minimalism

Give your decor a Nordic heart by adopting a scheme of whites and neutral colours like tans and greys.

Comforting blankets, alongside candles and twinkling fairy lights, can help you capture the magic of the holiday season in a quiet, mindful way.

Explore tactile and neutral tones for your wreaths, using dried flowers, wood, and pearlescent blooms like Lunaria.

You can create dynamic, captivating displays using plinths or tall branches of different heights, swapping tinsel for soft feathery or silky decor.

Let yourself be inspired by the way nature changes during this time of year – forage pine cones, acorns, dried orange slices, berries, and beautiful dried branches for added texture.

Light up the space with tall tapered candles in taupe and nude colours, pairing them with candlesticks in matt white or black.

3. Use Statement Pieces

One way to embrace and celebrate the holiday season is to keep decorations low-key, but giving a place of honour to statement “party” pieces.

The hostess trolley for example is making a glamorous comeback for serving cocktails, desserts, or appetisers in style – or even a charming and uber-decadent candy buffet.

If you have a fireplace or mantlepiece in your venue or home, this can be another wonderful focal point enhanced by an asymmetric floral arrangement and a sea of flickering pillar candles.

For a striking take on a Christmas classic, find an oversized wreath of greenery and foliage – particularly effective when you have a plain white backdrop for it, and the rest of your styling scheme is pared-back.

Similarly you can accentuate overhead lighting with suspended glass baubles or lights, small hanging mirrors, or a cascade of paper stars.

4. Light Up Your Senses

In the spirit of “experiential” celebrations, why not think about how you can celebrate the festivities using your other senses – enrich the guest journey by complementing your visual decorations with a fest for smell, touch, hearing, and taste.

Aromatic foliage and candles scented with pine and rosemary, alongside some quiet warm jazz, and a menu filled with hearty, rich flavours can be just as impactful when creating a festive atmosphere.

Think about layering up different neutral tones and textures, from luxe faux furs to velvet, for a tactile wonderland of Hygge-like memories of home.

Isn’t this just amazing!

Beautiful ideas that transcend from you cosy Christmas at home to the decoration of your special event in a stylish and elegant way.

What would be your favourite look?


Author Bio

Valentina Ring is a Londoner by address, Italian by blood, and explorer by spirit.

She describes herself as a hopeless romantic, living for those moments that make you want to hug a little harder, that make your heart beat a little faster, and that make you watch the stars a little longer.

The Stars Inside works with creative couples and brands looking to make some magic in London, in beautiful English countryside locations, and across Europe.


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