Super Important Questions for your Wedding Photographer

When it comes to weddings,  choosing a wedding photographer and the images of your special day will easily be one of the most important elements of planning your wedding.

The photos will be first thing your guests ask for after the wedding, they will be the exceptional reminder of just how special the two of you are on your many anniversaries together and, of course, they will be photos that delight your grandchildren one day on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

It comes as no surprise then, when we chat to Brides of the past, present and future, that photography is one of the most worrying elements of planning a wedding.

No doubt if you’re planning a wedding yourself you have experienced at least one of these niggling thoughts:  – Is my photographer experienced enough?  – Am I getting the right value for money?

Fortunately, getting the right photographer almost always comes down to asking the right questions.

The only problem?  Knowing what to ask and what answers to expect!

Well, you’re in luck! The guys over at Bride & Groom Direct have compiled a Wedding Photographer Checklist – consisting of over 28 Questions that will come in more than handy when ‘interviewing your photographer’.

Simply save the image below and let us know in the comments if you have any questions you would like to add!


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After speaking to those that capture your memories here is some bonus advice from wedding photographers….


Bonus Advice for The Bride & Groom, wedding photography, wedding photography, bride and groom direct


Chat to your photographer.

The above questions are great, but getting know your photographer as a person is better.

They will be taking some highly intimate photographs and you both need to feel comfortable in his/her presence.

There is nothing worse than a Bride & Groom who feel wary in the presence of a camera.


Make a decision over guest photography.

While your Uncle Derek’s latest Nikon D25 Double Zoom camera may be great, it’s got nothing on your photographer’s equipment.

Also, do you want all your photographs on Instagram before you get the chance to take a look over them? Most couples don’t have an issue, but, you know, each to their own.


Feeding the photographer is part of proper wedding etiquette.

Ok so he’s been with you since 6am, he’s trailed round the ceremony doing anything and everything to get “that shot” and it’s pushing 5pm and he/she has still not sat down for a bite to eat or a caffeine boost.

Keep your photographer energized with a meal. Unless of course you want some weary looking photos!


Notify guests of the official photographer.

The iPhone 6 looks pretty cool, but when it’s photobombing your wedding vows – not so cool.

Ask a groomsman to notify guests of the official photographer.

He’s the one who will get the best shots, and, well, you did pay him or her all that money.


Don’t panic about the weather.

What’s the problem? It’s a bit of rain! If you book an experienced photographer, he or she will have no problem executing the perfect shot – whatever the weather.

Bonus: Bring cute umbrellas and oh-so red hot wellies. Once in a lifetime shots guaranteed!


Nominate a member of the wedding party to be the ‘Go-To-Guy’

This is usually the joint duties of the Best Man and Maid of Honour, but if they are stuck with something a little more important on the day, opt to appoint a groomsman or, Aunt Aileen, who is known for always being strictly organised.

They are the ‘Go-to-Guy’ for your photographer, and they’ll play the role of ‘sheep herder’, ‘tour guide’ and ‘mega phone’ all rolled into one on the day.


To conclude…

I hope this helps you with making an informed decision on choosing a wedding photographer that is right for you as a couple.


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