Surprise Surprise – Tips for throwing a Surprise Party or Wedding

Everyone likes surprises !

You will have those that say they don’t, and like to always be in the know, but there is something great about a surprise party that just makes you feel special !




So I have put together a few tips for organising a Surprise Party.

– Its always best to secure a date for your Event when you are sure that the Guest of Honour is going to be available.

-When you send invitations to the guests ensure that you let them know that it is a Surprise Party.

-Its best to plan the Surprise party round about the Guest of Honour’s usual activities so as not to arouse suspicion.

-Enlist someone with a poker face to get Guest of Honour to Event without arousing suspicion.

 -Try to make the date before the Birthday, or Anniversary or special date so that it attracts less suspicion.

-A really good way to ensure that your Guest of honour doesn’t know its a party is to invite them to a Special Dinner but then book out the restauarant.


Now to put a twist on things, whats more exciting than a Surprise Party…. a Surprise wedding!




To do this, and really flabbergast your guests at your surprise Wedding,

-You need to come up with a cover reason for the party.

This was done incredibly well when Photographer Emma Case threw an Enchantment Under the Sea party  for her supposed 30th Birthday, but turned everything around and surprised her guests with a fabulous wedding.

My friends also did this when they threw a Christening Party for their daughter , and when the Christening service was over, surprised their stunned guests with a beautiful wedding ceremony and a party to celebrate both occasions.

-You will need to decide where the venue of your celebration will be, and this can be where-ever a party can be held, and then you will have to liase with the person that will be presiding over the legalities whether thats a minister, celebrant etc.

Make sure they know that it is a huge surprise, and time their arrival for after you have gathered your guests to let them know whats going on.

-To really make an impact with a Surprise Wedding tell NO-ONE, its easy to offend when some people no and others feel they weren’t in the loop.

-Be aware to that your Surprise may not be pleasing to everyone, especially parents, who may feel they have been cheated out of the actual Wedding Day, and that you risk everyone that you wish to be there, not being there if they don’t know how big the celebration actually is.

Good Luck and have fun.


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