The Best Wedding Transport to suit your Big Day style

Whatever the theme of your big day, I’m sure you’ll agree that your wedding transport plays a big part in bringing everything together.

Its a great idea to go classic when it comes to the type of car you choose as it is sure to make an impression and look great in wedding photographs.

Whether you’re going for a traditional wedding car or want something with a few more seats to carry the whole wedding party, we have some beautiful suggestions.

Consider these motoring classics from Book A Classic to arrive in style.

Wedding transport - Volkswagen Fusca 1500 Alugar Teutonia - Book a Classic


This theme is led by soft colours and lots of flowers. Take the romantic look into your wedding car with ribbon and florals decorating the bonnet, dashboard and rear.

There are a number of cars that will work for this look but colour is important, look for cream and white cars for maximum impact but consider something in dusky pink, if you can find it.

Our top pick: Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb

Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb - Book a Classic - wedding transport


Your wedding car can most certainly match your whimsical theme and the key here is colour.

A cute pop of colour in the form of your wedding car will not only contribute to your theme but it’ll look fantastic in the photographs.

Our top pick: Triumph Stag in blue or yellow

Triumph Stag in blue - Book a Classic - wedding transport


This look is often characterised by shabby chic furnishings, weathered wood and classic roses.

It’s very easy to choose a car for this theme as so many old sports cars fit the bill.

You need to look for classics that are sleek and stylish, preferably with a neutral or pastel colour scheme.

Our top pick: Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E Type - Book a Classic - wedding transport


This cool, carefree look lends itself well to slightly quirkier vehicles.

An obvious choice would be a Volkswagen Camper Van filled with flowers and foliage but if you’re looking for something a little different, consider a Volkswagen Beetle or Morris Minor.

Our top picks: Volkswagen Camper Van or Morris Minor 1000 Traveller

Volkswagen Camper Van - Book A Classic - wedding transport

Morris Minor 1000 Traveller - Book a Classic - wedding transport


A modern theme doesn’t necessarily mean you need a modern car.

While a new Jaguar or Bentley would do the trick, there are a few classic cars that spring to mind as working perfectly with this theme.

American Muscle cars add a bit of roar to a wedding while looking fantastic in photos too.

Our top pick: Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang - Book a Classic - wedding transport


Think converted barn, haybale seating around the dance floor, DIY decorations and locally produced food.

This country vibe is hugely popular and with so many gorgeous barn venues to choose from, it’s no wonder.

Add to your rustic theme with a Land Rover Defender or other classic working vehicle, maybe even consider hopping on a vintage tractor for your wedding photos.

Our top pick: Any classic Land Rover

Land Rover - Book a Classic - wedding transport


If a classic wedding is more your style, there are plenty of traditional wedding cars to choose from.

Popular manufacturers are Rolls-Royce, Mercedes or Austin but there are some other options if you want to stand out from the crowd too.

Ornate, rare choices such as the Hadfield Bean, Regent Laundualette or Daimler Empire all provide that classic wedding look that will stand out in photographs.

Our top pick: Hadfield Bean

Hadfield Bean - Book a Classic - wedding transport

Your wedding transport should add to the excitement of the big day but it should also fit with your overall theme as it’ll be a popular setting for capturing your memories.

Look for something that’s been well looked after and comes with a smart chauffeur.

That being said, don’t discount the option to drive yourself to really arrive in style.


Author Bio: Jess Shanahan is a motoring journalist and classic car enthusiast working with Book A Classic.

You can find the brand on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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