The mixed Emotions of the Wedding Planning experience

Preparing for your Wedding can bring torrents of mixed emotions for both Brides and Grooms, its a highly tempestuous time.

Emotions can be a tricky subject to write about, simply for the fact we find them difficult, and when things are difficult we tend to shy away from them.

Its a new chapter in your life and while you may look forward to it with excitement and optimism, its completely normal to have some jitters as what you know of your life so far is changing.

In this beautiful styled shoot with a delicate soft pink and white palette set at the gorgeous Ellingham Hall we can imagine the tumbling emotions of a Bride as it comes for the time for her to be married, from her preparation for the day right up to the moment she meets her love and says her vows.

Images were captured by Chris Randle Photography with a fabulous creative collaborative team.


Starting the journey into marriage with someone can leave you feeling conflicted with both happiness, joy and delight, but also anxiousness and a sadness losing a part of your past life.

Going forward you may be thinking about the expectations people have of you, you may worry about how you will get on with your new in laws / family, or how you will navigate the storms life can bring you.

You may worry about the actual wedding, the ambience, the details, pleasing people, things going wrong and even have worries about how your Wedding night will go.

We all have imagining of how our lives will be, how we imagine our wedding – one of the most important days of our life, and if the reality isn’t just as perfect as what we envisioned that can let the drama in, the doubts, feeling scared and unsure.

This year too with everything happening with the Pandemic and uncertainty of when, and how weddings will take place have only served to heighten anxieties


But please know this is where the reassuring part comes in…

Its ok to voice your fears and worries too, a problem shared is a problem halved as they say, and your mental health is precious.

Speak to a friend, someone you trust and most especially your partner as they can be feeling exactly the same way…its a big change in your life, and saying how you feel doesn’t make you any less happy about getting married.

You are human, its a whole new situation, never mind the added pressures of 2020, wobbles are allowed.

And be assured when you see you partners face at the end of the aisle, when you see that smile that knows you so well, when you take a hold of that hand, and feel that embrace you will know that your heart has found its home and everything is going to be ok.

Take a look at the incredible Behind the scenes film…

Shoot Vendors

Venue: Ellingham Hall

Photo & Video: Chris Randle Photo & Video

Dresses: Floral – Savin London and White – Rosa Clara from YAP Bridal

Florist: Floral Quarter

Model: Sophiah Dearden


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