The Perfect Wedding Entertainment for your Themed Wedding

Today I want to discuss the perfect entertainment for your themed wedding.

Themed weddings are enormously popular right now and whether you’re a traditionalist at heart or you’re at the cutting edge of the latest trends, there’s a theme out there that’ll help you project your personality as a couple.

When planning a themed wedding, every little touch contributes to the overall effect, from the choice of flowers and wedding favours all the way up to the big things like the venue and the dress.

The right music is the finishing touch that brings everything together and sets the tone for the day.

Like pairing a fine wine with a fancy meal, I have hooked up with Entertainment Nation to choose the perfect wedding entertainment to complement each theme.

So, without further ado we present the perfect live entertainment to accompany a themed wedding.


Traditional White Wedding

We’ll start with the classic traditional white wedding.

What could be more romantic than walking down the aisle towards your new husband in an exquisite white dress, surrounded by friends and loved ones?

We’ll tell you what: doing all that while accompanied by a performance from a string quartet like Suave Strings.

A string quartet enhances the romance of the wedding ceremony, lending the occasion the elegance and sophistication it deserves.

Suave Strings themselves are sublime classical musicians who can perform a note-perfect live rendition of the wedding march, or perhaps something a little more up-to-date if you want to stray from tradition slightly, while still retaining the overall effect.

A word of warning – your guests will need their handkerchiefs at the ready; the emotion of the moment combined with such a gorgeous sound track means there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Rustic Wedding

Wildflowers and hessian and hay bales – a rustic wedding in the quintessentially British countryside calls to mind endless summer afternoons basking in the golden sun.

An acoustic roaming band like Roaming Free will bring your outdoor rustic afternoon drinks reception to life with their unique live performance.

Picture the scene: your guests reclining in the summer warmth on hay bales, sipping champagne and munching on locally sourced treats from picnic hampers, as they’re serenaded by a band strolling amongst them.

Roaming Free use authentic acoustic instruments, which, thanks to being entirely unplugged, allow them to wander around your venue and give guests an up close and personal performance of upbeat folk-inspired tunes.

Vintage Wedding

If you’ve always felt you were born in the wrong era and you long for the simpler times of a bygone age, before phones and tablets and 24-hour news, then a vintage themed wedding could be the theme for you.

Get your guests into the nostalgic mood with a performance from a vintage themed band like Park Lane .

Authentic costumes and instruments make your guests feel as though they’ve been transported back in time to the glitz and glamour of a Great Gatsby party.

Usually performing in a jazz, swing or Rat Pack style, many vintage-themed bands accommodate guests of all ages by including a selection of reinterpreted modern songs in their repertoire.

Barn Wedding

The surging popularity of barn weddings shows no sign of slowing down, and it’s no wonder, given the tasteful grace of these converted farm buildings.

A barn wedding reception has an almost sacred feel to it, thanks to the history and simplicity of the aged stones that house the party.

The bucolic beauty of a barn wedding can be enhanced by the jaunty, upbeat vibes of a modern folk band like Wandering Wings .

These talented musicians perform a range of pop, rock and soul favourites in their own signature style, as well as a slice of rousing Mumford and Sons style folk to get the barn dancing in full swing!

Garden Wedding

If you love the great outdoors and you’re willing to gamble on the Great British weather, then a summertime garden wedding affords you the chance to get married surrounded by glorious greenery.

If you want guaranteed good weather, then it may be advisable to think about making your garden wedding a destination wedding.

Vineyards are a popular trend thanks to the perfect blues skies and the ready supply of locally produced wine!

Due to being outdoors, acoustic entertainment is recommended, unless you’re able to arrange for a marquee with adequate power supply.

An acoustic duo such as The Peaky Blinders play a set filled with jaunty, feel-good music, which is the ideal companion to a sunny afternoon amongst delightful scenery.

Medieval Wedding

Medieval-style weddings are on the up thanks to the phenomenal success of Game of Thrones.

The pageantry and spectacle of a medieval themed wedding certainly stands out from the crowd; fair maidens and chivalrous knights (your guests) settle down to a decadent wedding day banquet in their period finery (think ornate velvety gowns for the ladies and intricate doublets for the gents).

To complete the olde worlde illusion, hire a wedding band like Princes a medieval troupe of musicians who perform renaissance style music on authentic medieval instruments.

Boho Wedding

For the free-spirited among you, a boho wedding theme allows you to express your flair and personality.

The boho theme incorporates elements of the rustic, the vintage and the modern, while emphasising a laid-back and whimsical approach to wedding planning.

Artistic and individual, the entertainment for a boho wedding could range from the summery latin swing of a jazz band like Britalia to the psychedelic rock of Cosmic Balloon .

Folk bands and quirky acoustic duos are also a popular choice at boho weddings.

Fairy Tale Wedding

A Fairy Tale wedding gives you the chance to be a princess for the day.

A Fairy Tale wedding is a dreamy and magical occasion; one enchanting day made perfect with beautiful billowing gown, mesmerising sparkling shoes and opulent decor.

A breath-taking act is necessary to fulfil the Fairy Tale theme, an act like vocal duo Eclipse.

Eclipse are a pair of stunning vocalists who perform a blend of ethereal classical standards and soaring musical theatre melodies – the perfect backdrop to you and your Prince Charming living out your very own happy ending.

Festival Wedding

The festival themed wedding is massive among music lovers.

Recreate the sights and sounds of your favourite festival to celebrate your union as husband and wife.

Tipis and street food give that festival feel, but the main event is the live music (apart from your ceremony, of course!).

Ideally, you’d be able to hire numerous bands for a full festival line-up, but for those whose budget doesn’t stretch to booking multiple bands, a band like Wicker Park offer an exciting solution.

Wicker Park are a vibrant young band who perform two sets of distinctly different styles of music.

They open up with an early evening acoustic set featuring acts like the Lumineers and Avicii, before launching into their electric party set that includes songs by mainstage headliners like Kings of Leon, The Killers and Coldplay.

Beach Wedding

Getting married by the sea is a romantic dream for many.

The gentle rush of the waves lapping the shore and sound of seabirds crying out form a subtle backdrop to your special moment.

And for those who love the seaside, but can’t stand the thought of sand in their shoes or windswept wedding hair, there are plenty of stunning seaside venues that offer captivating ocean views, while protecting you and your guests from the elements.

Capture the essence of the Copa Cabana with the Brazilian Rio Show .

This unique act brings the thrill of the carnival to a beach wedding with options to include technicolour dancers and Brazilian martial arts performers, or book the band alone for the simmering sounds of samba and bossa nova to go along with cocktails on the shore.

Modern Wedding

Cool and contemporary couples can opt for a modern wedding, free from the trappings of tradition.

A modern wedding features clean lines, minimalist décor and may take place in a non-traditional venue like a trendy urban renovated factory or a suite at the summit of a skyscraper.

A modern pop, dance and R’n’B band like Dirty Pop will impress guests with their high-energy medleys of the latest chart-topping tunes.

Generating the electrifying atmosphere of a sell-out concert by superstars like Bruno Mars and Beyoncé, Dirty Pop are the ideal entertainment if you’re looking to lay on the ultimate modern wedding reception party.

Thank so much to Entertainment Nation for sharing this invaluable advice.

Choosing Wedding entertainment can be such a conundrum, but with these top tips finding the right act can be a less difficult path.

If you would like any more information on choosing the right performer or times for your upcoming wedding, they would be more than happy to help.


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