Three Great Ways to Come up With the Perfect Wedding Playlist

Weddings are great fun, especially the rocking reception but finding the perfect wedding playlist can make the evening go with a swing or can ruin the whole atmosphere so you need to think about the ambience you want to set and the kind of celebration you are want to create.

There is no better way of catching up with everyone, enjoying good food and really letting your hair down.

Provided you get the mix of music right, everyone will have a good time and be able to enjoy a dance.

The tricky bit is putting together your playlist.


To help you with this important and potentially stressful task, the very helpful Vibetown have put together a few suggestions….


Tap into your wedding bands experience

Usually, when you hire a band for your wedding, they will come up with playlist suggestions.

Often, these bands have played at hundreds of weddings and therefore, they have a really good idea of which tracks get everyone up and burning up the dance floor and which are likely to full flat.

A good wedding band will normally come up with a playlist that works for everyone, so all of your guests can have a good time.

They will typically come up with an order of play that will keep energy levels at the right level and create the perfect ambience for each part of the evening,

Let your friends and family have a say

A more unusual approach is to ask your friends and family to suggest tracks to have played at your wedding reception.

This is a really good way to get the mix of music that is played just right. Once you have the suggestions, go through them and look for the ones that are the most popular.

If you like them, add those tracks to your playlist.

Even if there are no clear favourites, you will usually, get a really good feel for the style of music that is most likely to get everyone dancing.

If you notice that your older guests have not contributed many suggestions, just be sure to add a few old favourites to the playlist. That way their tastes are catered for too.

Usually, if you mix them in at the start of the evening they will also enjoy a dance and often stay on the dance floor for some of the tracks they are less familiar with.

There are lots of ways of creating a collaborative wedding playlist. You could just send out a message on social media, or use Spotify or YouTube to do it.

A really fun way to put together a collaborative playlist is to host a party for your livelier friends and family. Play some tracks you like and after each one let the crowd decide if it is in or out.


Allow requests

Really experienced wedding bands have huge repertoires. They can usually play over a hundred tracks, so they feel comfortable taking special requests, on the night.

Normally, they will agree a basic playlist with you to make sure that all of your favourites get played, but also accept requests from your guests.

This is a fantastic way to keep the party atmosphere going and adapt what is played to suit both you and your guests.


While its great to go with what you like (its your party after all) its also important to look beyond the boundaries of your normal tastes.

Your choice has to span generations and provide an atmosphere of good cheer and celebration…



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