Three Ways to Ace Your Wedding Toast Before You Even Speak

Now listen up people, today I want to share three ways to ace your Wedding Toast before you even speak.

These top tips from Josh at Laugh Staff will make your job in giving a toast or speech an absolute breeze.


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When the Bride or Groom asks you to be the Maid of Honor or Best Man, there’s a jolt of excitement that runs through you.

The first feeling is usually honor mixed with anticipation.

Even when the bride or groom continues to talk, you slowly tune them out with thoughts of the bachelor or bachelorette party and what the itinerary will entail.

Slowly though, the initial pleasure of this moment wears off as most best men and maids of honor begin to fear or even dread the wedding toast.


Hate to break the news, but millennials around the world will continue to fear public speaking in our technology-driven culture.

The sad truth is that these days you don’t actually have be in front of people to communicate with them.

You can tweet them, text them and skype. Business meetings and even phone calls are slowly becoming extinct.

What does this all mean? It means that most toast goers are ill-equipped to deliver a message that is heartfelt and hilarious to a room full of living, BREATHING people!


Fear not though, there are three things you can do to ensure a great speech even before the words leave your mouth…


1) Thank, Thank and Thank Again

When writing your speech, include at the minimum three thank you points.

You will probably thank the bride or best man for being there through the hard times and for being a great friend.

Next you will probably thank the bride or groom’s parents for hosting the wedding.

For the third thank you, try and switch it up by thanking a guest in the audience who isn’t part of the wedding party.

It could be the bride’s aunt who taught her how to bake or maybe the groom’s old high school football coach who he still keeps in touch with.

And cite something specific, perhaps a piece of advice that the bride or groom still keeps with them till this day.


2) Get to Know Your Own Voice

The sound of your own voice when it hits a microphone can be startling.

We all sound different when amplified.

To get comfortable with the flow of your speech and how it actually sounds and just not reads, say your speech into a tape recorder or even your IPhone and listen to it the week leading up the wedding.

I recommend listening to it when you’re cutting grass, on the treadmill or any other circumstance where you’re doing something active.


3) Get Advice From the Groomsmen/Bridesmaids

Most wedding toasts are centrally focused on the best man or maid of honor relationship with the groom or bride. While this is important, two or more minds are better than one.

The other groomsmen and bridesmaids have a wealth of information about the bride that you can include in your speech. They probably see things that you don’t.

Ask the bridesmaids for a short story about the bride, maybe that time where the group watched all the Harry Potter movies in one day.

Or perhaps ask a groomsman about a funny story about the groom.

Maybe that time the groom went under par during a game of golf and seriously considered going pro…only to sober up to realize it was a putt-putt course. Cheers!



Josh Womack lives in Cleveland, OH and is the founder of Laughstaff, a comedic platform that uses stand-up comedians as everything but stand-up.

Laughstaff has written over 175 wedding toasts and will help you deliver a speech that is heartfelt, hilarious and memorable.


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