Tips to create a Glamorous Wedding with Get Knotted

Today I would love to share some expert advice from Lindsey of Get Knotted in how to create your own glamorous Wedding

Adding a subtle hint of colour and glamour to your wedding can be difficult to get right.

Props and simple touches like fairy lights are the perfect way of glamming up your wedding without going over the top.


get knotted, glamorous wedding, Maypole Charmed Chandeliers
Image Credit – Borders Photography


Get Knotted share their 5 ideas for adding glamour to your wedding.


1. Choose items such as poles and chandeliers that are simple in which to add charms and ribbons, tailoring them to your wedding theme.

Wrap coloured ribbon around a table top maypole and attach charms, beads and candles to suit your style.

Choosing colours to contrast your wedding theme is a great way of adding a range of colours to your reception decorations.

These can be hung to create a sense of height or displayed as table centrepieces.


get-knotted, maypole_charmed_chandeliers, credit - Borders Photography
Image Credit – Borders Photography


2. Adding fairy lights to branches or choosing props such as light up birch trees are great for creating delicate lighting to your reception or ceremony venue.

Place these around the room or down an aisle adding some candles and other subtle lighting for a truly romantic setting.


get-knotted, glamorous wedding light_up_birch_trees


3. Candlesticks can add glamorous definition and drama to your wedding.

Choose different sizes and heights of candlesticks to place around your venue in clusters to create different areas of light and ambience.


get-knottednet_brass_candlesticks, aikman smith photography
Image Credit – Aikman Smith photography


4. Table decorations can be more than just flowers.

Add fruits, berries and wild foliage to apothecary jars and flowers in different sized vases for a clean and contemporary look.

Choose flowers and fruits to compliment your wedding theme and add small tea lights to your tables to create a glamorous glow.


get-knottednet, apothecary_jars, duncan ireland photography, glamorous wedding
Image Credit – Duncan Ireland Photography –


5. Add a touch of glamour before your guests even enter your venue with a rustic arch.

Decorate these with brightly coloured flowers for a glamorous entrance.

Use the arch somewhere else in your venue later in the day to maximise your décor.

Using props and lighting to add glamour will really make your wedding a talking point amongst your guests.


get-knotted, birch_and_driftwood_arch


Get Knotted have just launched their brand-new Maypole Charmed Chandeliers and have a stunning range of props to add glamour to your wedding.


get-knotted, maypole_charmed_chandeliers, Image Credit - Borders Photography
Image Credit – Borders Photography


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