Tips on dealing with Wedding Stress on the run up to your Big Day

Today I am thrilled to share some excellent tip wedding stress relief tips to help you deal with any anxiety on the run up to your Big Day.

Weddings while wonderful take a lot of planning and this has the potential to cause wobbles.

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I hand over to Nicola of Roots and Wings Therapies to offer their wedding stress tips, remedies and treatment options..



“With so much to do in the run-up to the wedding and so many different pressures, it can be easy for stress to build-up.”

“Taking time out for yourself is really important. Whether you choose to relax in the bath, meditate or listen to relaxing music, space just for you is really helpful.”

“This can help you to check-in with yourself and get in touch with how you are feeling and detect any signs of stress or anxiety.”

“Some signs of stress are feeling overwhelmed, finding it hard to focus; general anxieties and difficulty making decisions.”

“If you recognise signs that you are feeling stressed, time-out can help you to identify what specifically is causing the stress which makes it easier to deal with.”

“Time to relax also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and stop it from building up.”

“If you find it hard to fit in ‘me-time’ amid all the preparations, try scheduling a slot into your diary.”

“This can make it easier for you to commit to that time and make it one of your priorities.”

“Also, don’t forget to delegate where you can.”

“People are happy to help and as well as taking some pressure off you, this will also allow you more space for me-time.”

‘Relax in nature’.

“Nature is wonderfully healing and a great way to slow down, relax and get some perspective.”

“Taking time to get out into nature can be hugely beneficial to your well-being.”

“Whether it is a trip to the countryside or seaside, a walk in the park or time spent working or relaxing in the garden, nature can help relax our minds, reduce anxiety and re-set our pace.”

“It also helps us to see things more clearly.”

“Being in nature reduces stress and worry and has positive benefits for both our emotional and physical well-being.”

“Even viewing scenes of natural spaces can be beneficial!”

“Of course, the exercise and fresh air are hugely beneficial too.”

“Do not worry if you have no garden or green-space close-by, tending to houseplants also has great therapeutic value.”

‘Get Plenty of Sleep.’

“Want to feel less stressed in the run-up to the wedding as well as feel fresh and bright on your big day?”

“Make sure you get enough sleep.”

“Lack of sleep can add to stress and anxiety so, during such an exciting yet stressful time, it is really important to have a good sleep routine.”

“Make sure you take a little time to wind-down and relax before bed.”

“It is hard to sleep when your mind is racing with worry and things to do.”

“Set a time in the evening when you will stop checking messages and emails and stick to it.”

“If there are things you need to do the following day, write them down then you do not have to worry about forgetting.”

“Once you reach that time in the evening, say an hour or so before bed, use that time to unwind.”

“Maybe watch a light hearted programme, read a good book, soak in the bath or drink a relaxing herbal tea.”

“Once you get to bed do not check your phone, just relax!”

“You could also try listening to a guided relaxation to help you drift off to sleep.”

“Do not forget, this is a special time that should be exciting, fun and enjoyable.”

“Looking after yourself can mean you enjoy it that much more and can look back on the run-up to your wedding…not just the day itself…as an enjoyable and special time!”

More about me…

“I am a counsellor, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and Reiki Master/Teacher. I also provide life coaching.”

“I started my business two years ago as I am passionate about helping people to recognise and reach their potential.”

“I am also passionate about a holistic approach to well-being which can enable people to enjoy their lives and cope with any ups and downs.”

“My holistic approach to well-being is also inspired by nature and how it can enhance our well-being.”

Going forward in the future my outlook for my business is to use my skills, experience and passions to support people to fulfil their potential and make the most of their lives.”

“Life is there to be enjoyed! As well as providing support when things are difficult, my focus is on helping people to build resilience.”

“Whilst everyone needs support sometimes, I feel it is so important to look after ourselves and build skills to effectively manage stresses and anxieties so that they do not become overwhelming.”

“Weddings while wonderful can have the potential to cause certain amounts of stress.”

“I am focusing on helping people to navigate this and other potentially stressful life events, providing them with support and tips to help them to make the most of and enjoy these special times.”

“As well as the services I provide, I also focus on providing products to help enhance and maintain well-being.”

“This expanding range includes our pure essential oils, hand-blended herbal teas and flower essences with more products being added soon. All products are vegan friendly.”

“They are available to buy in-person or online.”

“I am also producing well-being wedding favours, and will work with couples to provide them with bespoke well-being favours for their weddings.”

“These make for unique and thoughtful favours and that your guests can enjoy long after your special day!”


I also offer Wedding specific packages for wedding stress relief…


‘Pre-Wedding De-Stress Package’

“Even positive life events can be stressful and getting married is no different.”

“Often recognised as one of the most stressful life-events, wedding planning can be stressful and anxiety provoking for a number of reasons.”

“My ‘Pre-Wedding De-Stress Package’ provides a wonderful way for brides (or Grooms) to relax and de-stress in the run-up to their weddings.”

“This helps them to enjoy the run-up more, as well as leaving them more relaxed on their big day so that they can really enjoy it!”

“The package includes two of our ‘Relax & Restore’ relaxation sessions and one full Reiki session.”

“The relaxation sessions are tailored to the individual making it a very personal service.”

“Each session is a space just for you, to check-in with how you are feeling.”

“This is followed by relaxations and a mini Reiki session. You also leave with tips tailored to you to help you to relax and deal effectively with stress during the week.”

“After ‘Relax & Restore’ sessions I receive very positive feedback from clients who feel relaxed, focused and better able to deal with stress – whether the stress is positive or negative.”

“The Reiki session lasts for one hour and helps you to feel calm, relaxed and balanced.”

“Because even positive life events can be stressful, looking after yourself in the run-up to your wedding is so important.”

“In addition to the package, I also provide guided relaxation recordings which can be purchased to further help you to relax and/or sleep.”

“This package makes an ideal gift for brides (or grooms!) as well as for mothers and bridesmaids.”

“A great way for the happy couple to say thank you to those who helped them in the preparations!”

“Gift vouchers are available.”

Well-Being Wedding Favours

“My well-being wedding favours make unique and thoughtful gifts for wedding guests.”

“They mean that your guests have something to take away, enjoy and remember your special day by long after the event!”

“An example of our well-being wedding favours is a pretty ceramic oil burner, plus a bottle of one of our pure essential oils.”

“Once home, placing a tealight in the oil burner, putting some water on top and adding a few drops of the essential oil to the water means that your guests can enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of the oil.”

“In this example, Rosemary essential oil has been used as one of the properties of Rosemary is thought to be memory enhancement….it can therefore help your guests to remember your lovely day!”

“We can work with couples to co-ordinate wrapping and styles with their wedding theme.”

favour, wedding stress, roots and wings therapiesrosemary essential oil, roots and wings therapies, wedding stress

“Another favour we provide is a bag of hand-blended herbal tea to enhance well-being, along with a tea infuser. Each favour is beautifully presented.”

herbal tea, roots and wings therapies, wedding stress

“Again, our favour range is expanding but each one is unique and thoughtful and provides the gift of well-being for your guests!”


Thanks so much to Nicola for sharing her excellent Wedding stress relief suggestions and telling us a little bit about how she can support you in ensuring that your special time is relaxed.


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