To Veil or not To Veil – Advice on choosing a Wedding Veil from Dream Veils

Today I am thrilled to share some brilliant advice on the subject of the Wedding Veil from lovely Blog Sponsor Margaret Byrne of Dream Veils.

Based in Sale near Manchester, Dream Veils create and  hand make – to order Bridal and First Communion veils amongst other embroidered items.

The veils they create are Wedding Veils, Vintage Veils, Birdcage Veils, First Holy Communion Veils, Mantilla Veils, Silk Tulle Veils,  Dotted tulle veils, Tulle capes, Embroidered Personalised Napkins, Hankies, Towels, Sarongs, Organza and Tulle Wraps, Tulle capes,  Knitted Wraps and Coloured veils


Veil 7


I hand over to Margaret to share her expertise,


Wedding veils!! Now that conjures up visions of brides surrounded by voluminous amounts of tulle- all romantic and ethereal –!!

But the truth out there is that when it comes to getting married – I find that a bride actually has a real problem with deciding on a veil – or if in fact they really want one.

Can they be bothered with having to decide what to have? what suits the dress? what they can afford? or will they be able to walk in it???

Some girls know from the moment they are born that they want a veil others say “No definitely not” and then there’s the last minute deciders who run around with a few weeks to spare -trying to find one – which is usually when they seem to find me!!


Tips on choosing a Wedding Veil

Firstly- wait until you have the dress.

Your dress is THE most important thing- the veil should compliment it- adding to the look rather than clashing with it.


Veil edges

I would say the more ornate and embellished the dress the less fuss that should be on the veil.

A cut edge is the one to go for if you have a heavy beaded or laced dress as it allows the details to show through without any edge on tulle showing up and cutting across it.


Veil 1


Then a satin dress looks amazing with a satin edged veil – the edges fold, curve and shape down so beautifully- it is always a real winner.


Veil 2


There are other edges that I put onto veils- a stitched edge or pencil edge- a curly or wired edge, a Rat-tail corded edge, Swarovski banded edge, Swarovski drops on the edge or lace edges.

Always choose one that will match the dress – if in doubt – go with a cut edged veil.


Single or two layered veils.

Then there is the decision about single or two layer veils.

Really if you don’t want to cover your face to walk down the aisle then save money by buying a single layer veil.


Veil 3


The single layers are cut very differently than a two layer veil which has a definite pattern to it depending on the lengths of the layers you want.

A single layer has to be fully gathered along the top and sewn onto the comb but a two layer veil can be fully gathered, part gathered -most popular- or flat onto the comb which is also called a drop veil.

A Flat veil can give the Duchess of Cambridge look – but this can only be a two layer veil.


Veil 4


Mantilla style or lace veils

If you want a real statement veil then a Mantilla style veil or a lace edged veil is fantastic.

The Mantilla style has the lace across the comb – so it lies over the head- you might not want or need a headpiece with this veil.


Veil 5


A lace edged veil can be single layered or two layered.

Some laces though have a “Face” so are only suitable for a single layer or mantilla style as they have an underside which doesn’t look right when the blusher is pulled over.

You might need guidance as to which laces to choose for the style of veil wanted.


Veil 6


Different tulle types and colours.

Tulle comes in normal nylon/polyester tulle and silk- firm silk and soft silk.

There are more colours available in the normal tulle- they are affordable and actually very sheer and soft.

The tulle can be coloured or the edging coloured.


Veil 7


The silks I stock are white & ivory, silk is very expensive.

The soft silk is the silk the Duchess of Cambridge had for her veil.

The firm silk behaves similarly to the normal tulles, but the soft silk gives a completely different look


Veil 8


Vintage Veils

I now have a vintage collection which is growing by the day! I took my inspiration from some famous veils from the past – and my own mum’s veil to recreate Wedding Veils from different era’s.


Veil 9


Birdcage veils

And then there are the birdcage veils – these are great if you don’t want a drop of tulle around you but want to look like a bride.

They used to be for a very vintage -y wedding style but now they have become more acceptable to be worn with any style of dress.

They can be of different types of net – or made of tulle and also dotted tulle.

 Veil 10

Veil 11


I hope this information helps you – I’m sure you didn’t realise there were so many different choices of Wedding Veil.

Dream veils are all bespoke  to the brides order so no two are alike, and Margaret is always there to guide you and help you decide on your own “Dream Veil.”


To Contact Dream Veils



Phone: 0161 637 3526





Image Credits: All images sent by Brides except Picture, 1, 8, 10 and 12 credited to  Jenny from Mcavoy Photography.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    What fantastic advice, veils can be a bit of a mine field after all its not something that we wear everyday! However these gorgeous pics show how a veil can really turn an ordinary photo into something really special. Very well written girls!

    1. Reply

      Thanks for your lovely comment Kay, Margarets work is incredible and she is so versatile with what she can do x

  2. Reply

    Ohhh thank you Alison- I am so excited to have an article on your fab blog!!!
    Can I just mention that the photos are sent to me by my fab brides- with the exception of photos 1 & 8 (which are the same photo)10 and 12 which were all taken my Jenny from Mcavoy Photography.
    Have a great day everyone !!
    Margaret xxxx

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      was my great pleasure to feature your work Margaret and Photographers credit now included x

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