Top 10 Traditional Wedding Gifts

Weddings are a wonderful occasion full of love and happiness, but as an attending guest we can often be left to mull over the wedding gifts – and it can actually be quite stressful.

Just what items make ideal wedding gifts, adding luxury and sentiment to a couple’s perfect day?

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Below is a list of traditional wedding gifts for the happy couple that are bound to be treasured and stay out of the return pile…

LSA Edge Champagne Flutes with Rose Gold Details

Every new Mr and Mrs needs an elegant set of champagne flutes whether thats for personal use of for visiting dinner guests.

These art deco inspired champagne flutes are a beautiful addition to any glassware collection, with their gilded edges and rose gold accents giving forth a touch of luxury and opulence.

A pair of these hand blown flutes handmade in Poland will make a wonderful gift.

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Black+Blum Candelabra

Make a big impact on a smaller budget with this simple and understated, yet beautiful candelabra designed by Black+Blum.

At only £20 this candleholder is a beautiful and functional addition to any dinner party table, used all on it’s own or cluster several together to make a large unique piece.

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For an impressive and functional wedding gift you may wish to consider a beautiful Cornishware set.

Cornishware offers a wide variety of dishware, ranging from plates and mugs to dessert trays, marmalade jars and much more.

If an entire set is not in your budget consider choosing one key piece such as a teapot to add some style and charm to the happy couple’s home.

cornishware-betty-teapot-lifestyle-with-teacup, wedding gifts, emporium cookshop

Royal Scot Crystal Whiskey Tumblers

Who doesn’t love an after dinner cocktail or to entertain company with drinks?

A pair of Royal Scot crystal whiskey tumblers makes an excellent wedding gift, featuring beautiful, hand cut designs inspired by the highlands of Scotland.

These 110z tumblers make the perfect gift, coming packaged in a stunning satin lined gift box.

royal-scot-highland-whisky-tumblers, weddinggifts, emporium cookshop

Robert Welch Radford Carving Set

Gifts for the home are always an appropriate choice and the Robert Welch Radford carving set is no exception.

This high quality carving knife and fork features a mirror-polished finish and comes in a beautiful oak veneered box.

Made from stainless steel and dishwasher safe this makes a beautiful yet practical gift.

robert-welch-knives-carving-set, emporium cookshop, wedding gifts

Redecker Wooden Extendable Bath Tub Shelf

Help the new couple find some romance in their evening with this wooden bathtub shelf.

This beautifully crafted shelf provides a place for everything you need to have a relaxing and romantic evening in the tub, housing your candle, wine glass and even a book or tablet if need be.

Give the gift of downtime and relaxation with this gift.

redecker-wooden-bath-tub-shelf, wedding gifts, emporium cookshop

Stellar Stainless Steel 3-Tier Multi-Steamer

This 3-tier steamer is a wonderful addition to any kitchen and can be used in a combination of ways to assist in creating delicious and nutritious meals for years to come.

This gift comes boxed and ready to be given, is available in four sizes and is a high quality piece of cookery appropriate even for induction heating.

stellar-steamer, wedding gifts, emporium cookshop

Iittala Taika Range

Dishes are always a popular choice for a gift and this range of stunning dishware allows you to give a traditional gift with some creative and interesting touches.

This range offers beautiful vibrant colours and lovely creative imagery of owls and peacocks adding excitement and a splash of colour to any home.

iittala-taika-set, wedding gifts, emporium cookshop

Global Zeitaku Knife Set

This 7-piece knife set is great for any cooking enthusiasts.

Lightweight and easy to handle, crafted from stainless steel and is housed in a beautiful knife block this high-quality set comes gift boxed and ready to go.

global-zeitaku-7-piece-knife-block-set, wedding gifts, emporium cookshop

Burgon & Bail Gardener’s Utility Belt

For the couple that loves to be in the garden this utility belt is ideal.

Safekeeping for your valuables and storage for your gardening tools makes spending time working the land (ok, the garden!) enjoyable and easy.

burgon-and-ball-tool-belt, wedding gifts, emporium cookshop

Hopefully now you’ll have some inspiration when it comes to buying the perfect gift, and you can find these fantastic gifts on Wren Home and Outdoors.

Wren Home and Outdoors is a leading supplier of homewares, kitchen equipment, bakeware and some quirky niche items.
We are a family business with a down to earth and passionate ethos.

The cook shop is growing as the nation’s relationship with baking and cooking continues to flourish.

The Wren Home and Outdoors homewares range is full of character as well as essential practicality and functionality.

Their mission is to make sure your time in the kitchen is spent testing your creativity and not your patience as you raid the cupboards for a missing implement.

They want you to have what you need to hand and be able to store it away so it stays where you left it!


If you’re a bride or groom you may want to add one of more of these items to your own wedding list.

Its always best to have a good solid mix of both the really practical but also the things you would love but wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself.

Its also a really good idea to have a range of price points so guests have the choice to buy an individual gift or club together with others to buy something a little more costly.


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