Top Tips: How to be an excellent Groom!

Today I am delighted to share some Top Tips on How to be an excellent Groom.

We all know that Wedding days require extensive planning and preparation.

They represent a one in a life time event that will forge the fondest memories for you and your partner to keep forever.

These wedding preparations are often led and influenced by the Bride to be along with her family.

From table decorations to outfits, most women like to take control of the situation and enjoy making sure everything is perfectly to taste for their wedding celebrations.

Let’s not forget however, that a wedding day is a celebration for you both.


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Grooms can be sometimes left aside and out of preparations with brides feeling under pressure looking at their never ending lists of “to do” tasks.

If you yourself are a groom to be, it’s important that you take part in this planning, bring your own ideas to the table and offer support where possible!

Vashi Dominguez, jeweller to the stars, diamond expert and founder of has gathered some top planning tips for grooms to be…

There are a few aspects of your wedding that could do with your help and although your wife to be will most likely want to plan most of it, here are some tasks that you yourself can tick off the list to help her in the process.


Car and transport

Why not take responsibility for the car that you and your wife will arrive in on the big day?

There is a high chance that this is not something that is top of her priority list and, taking this on can be a great way for you to start getting involved.

Visit some car hire companies and browse online; this could be your opportunity to arrive in the soft top or sporty car of your dreams.

Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to go classic when it comes to the type of car you choose, a vintage car is sure to make an impression and look great in wedding photographs.


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Suits and grooming

One of the first things that your wife to be is likely to look into is her gown and her hair do for the day.

Many women will want to book a visit to the beauty salon months in advance and will already have an idea of what dress to wear.

So why not impress her by choosing your suit and booking a nice grooming session at the barbers yourself?

This is something that can be done with your best man or even a group of mates.

Take the boys out for a day of suit shopping, they can advise you on what to wear and help you make the right choice of suit for your big day.

The one thing you should not forget however is the colour scheme of your partner’s flowers and dress.

Its great to be pro-active but you may want to ask her opinion on your choice too.

You would not want to risk upsetting her with an outfit clash on the big day.


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Wedding rings

You might not be the jewellery wearing type.

Don’t worry though, there are a wide range of styles to suit everyone.

Be proactive and organise a visit to a jeweller for you and your partner.

You will then be able to browse through a selection of rings and get expert advice to help you choose the right ones for you.

You will be sure to impress your loved one if you treat her to a diamond jewellery viewing where you can select the rings for your big day over a glass of champagne for example., wedding ring, diamond ring



If you and your wife are planning a honeymoon after the big event then this is your time to shine by surprising her with a beautiful holiday for two.

Its always useful however if you have previously had the conversation of what you both like, and do not like, its too important a holiday to choose the wrong location or type of holiday.

While she is busy with her friends discussing the favours, the hen do, start doing some research to find the perfect location for your both.

Why not organise a surprise for your arrival in the Hotel or plan a fun activity for you both to enjoy?

After all the wedding preparations, your wife will be thrilled to know that she can enjoy her time away without having to do any more organising.


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